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12 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 3. 1877. thousand one hundred dollars per annum, until such offices can be supplied in buildings belonging to the government; and to pay for the rent of the building now occupied for said offices, from the first day of lilay, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, out of any existing appropriations for the State, War, and Navy Department building,or public buildings and grounds. MISCELLANEOUS. Deaf und D¤r¤b For nttin g up and furnishing the new building of the Columbia Insti- I““*"““’· tution for the Deaf and Dumb, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, twenty-five hundred dollars. National A¤¤¢><=i- For the National Association mr the Relief of the Colored Women and “*‘°”· Children of the District of Columbia, being a deficiency for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, six thousand dollars, State. WM. Md State, War, and Navy Department building: For continuation of the 1:**fg. D°P“"*“’°“t east wing of the building, one hundred and seventyfive thousand dol- "' mg' lars; and for continuation of the north wing of the building, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; in all, three hundred and twenty- five thousand dollars. Co¤rt-hc¤¤¤,Lit- For continuation of the court-house and post-oflice building at Little

  • 1** R°°*·*’k· Bock, Arkansas, thirty thousand dollars, being a deficiency lor the fiscal

year eighteen hundred and seventyeight, and to correct an error in the enrollment of the act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven. H0? $P¤‘i¤s¤ ¤‘¤¤· For continuing the surveys and other works under the provisions of °"“'”°"·A'k· the law appointing a commission to lay out and appraise the Hot Springs reservation in Arkansas, fifteen thousand dollars. Commissioner to For the payment of the commissioner appointed to prepare and pubedit Revised Stat- lish a new edition of the first volume of the Revised Statutes of the ‘"°“· United States, five thousand dollars, one-half thereof to be paid when he makes his report to the Secretary of State, and the balance when the work is completed. P¤><=¤¤di¤g¤ of For expenses of preparing for publication and indexing the volume EL°:*°"“1 C°"““'“' containing the proceedings of the Electoral Commission and of the two ' Houses of Congress in regard to the counting of the electoral votes, ordered to be printed by a concurrent resolution of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, to be expended under the direction of the Senate Committee on Printing, one thousand two hundred dollars. £l¤.l1’¤ Arctic ex- To enable the Superintendent of the Naval Observatory to carry out P°d'*‘°°· the object of Senate resolution of February sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, for the preparation of a narrative of Hall’s second Arctic expedition, five thousand dollars. B°*¤¤i<= G¤¤'d¤¤· BOTANIC GARDEN.-To reconstruct the main sewers in the Botanic Garden, and to repair the heating apparatus, damaged by the overflowing of Tiber Creek, five hundred dollars. To elevate the grade of part of the grounds of the Botanic Garden, overilowed by Tiber Creek sewer, and to make sundry alterations and appliances for their immediate sanitary improvement, eight hundred t dollars. International Iurnanurxonxn Parson Gonenuss.-That the sum of eight thou- P¤¤¤¤ C<>¤HF°¤¤· sand dollars, heretofore appropriated to defray the expenses of the United States commissioner to the International Prison Congress, originally appointed to be held at Rome in eighteen hundred and seventy- six, but subsequently adjourned to eighteen hundred and seventy- seven, and again to eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and the place of meeting changed to Stockholm, is hereby reappropriated for the same How applied and purpose ; four thousand dollars of the said sum to meet expenses already Mpvvded- incurred by the commissioner in the preparatory labors of the congress, and four thousand dollars to meet future expenditures in the further prosecution of his mission, the whole to be immediately available, and the part thereof which remains unexpended to be expended under the d1rection of the Department of State.