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356 FORTYTIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 180. 1879. ll. S- 4054. department, in conformity to the act of July second, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, as follows: _ msu (repress- Orrrcn OF THE Posrirnsrnn-Gn1»*nnAL.—For mail depredations and tions. special agent s, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and not exceeding five thousand dollars of this amoimt may be expended for fees to United States attorneys, marshals, clerks of courts, and counsel necessarily employed by special agents of the Post Office Department, subject to ap-

,,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,;·,,,,,,,e,.- proval by the Attoruey—General; and the Superintendent- of Railway

in1e·»d<=u! 1: tiszway Mail Service and the Chief of Special Agents shall be paid their actual ·V¢*” 5<*‘*‘i#<‘· ¢’*¢· expenses while travelling on the business of the department. Advertising. For advertising, sixty thousand dollars: Provided, That the P0stmaster-General shall cause advertisements of all general maillettings ofeach Sta te and Territory to be conspicuously posted up in each post-office in gm-,-ay ,,,,,;;-1.,;- the State and Territory embraced in said advertisements for at least rings. sixty days betbre the time of such general letting; and no other advertisement of such lettings shall be required; but this provision shall not apply to any other than general mail-lettings. haws and Regu- l·`or preparing and publishing a new edition of the Laws and Regula- W*°“¤- tions of the Post-Oiiice Department, twenty thousand dollars, of which sum two thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may E,,,.,, (.0,,,],,,,8,,- be paid, upon the order of the Postmaster-General, and, in his discretion jaw p»·epm·my. tion, to such officers of the department as he may designate to prepare and superintend the publication of the volume: Provided, That the time so employed shall in no wise interfere with the regular daily duties of such officers; the appropriation herein provided for to be immediately available. Post-mute maps. l·‘or preparation and publication of post-route maps, including revision ’ of former editions, and maps, diagrams, and other information. thirty tive thousand dollars; and the Postmaster-General may authorize the Sale of maya. publication and sale of said maps to individuals at the cost thereof; the proceeds of said sales to he applied as a further appropriation for said purpose. Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous items in the office of the Postmaster-General, one thousand five hundred dollars. Postmasters. OFFICE OF THE FIRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENEInAL.—For compensation to poshnasters, seven million five hundred and fifty thousand R_g_3g8·;_ dollars: Provided, That nothing contained in section thirty-nine hun- Pooling mail-mat- dred and eighty-two of the Revised Statutes shall be construed as pro- T"- hihiting any person from receiving and delivering to the nearest postoffice or postal car mail—matter properly stamped: Provided, further that Senators and out- from and after the passage of this act Senators, Representatives and g" my yd 1*******0 Delegates in Congress, the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the °°"""’" ° fr""' House of Representatives, may send and receive through the mail free, all public documents printed by order of Congress; and the name of each Senator, Representative, Delegate, Secretary of the Senate, and Clerk of the House shall be written thereon with the proper designation of the office he holds, and the provisions of this section shall apply to each of Um; j;,,,; Mm- the persons named herein until the tirst Monday of December, following day in December. the expiration of their respective terms of office. Cl,,,.kS_ For compensation to clerks in post-ofiices, three million six hundred thousand dollars. Letter--carriers. For payment to letter-carriers two million dollars. W r a pp 1 n g - For wrapping-paper, twenty thousand dollars. )3 NH`. [ Twine. For wrapping-twine, fifty thousand dollars. Marking stamps. For marking and rating stamps, twelve thousand dollars L¤·tter·-balances. For letter-balances and scales, three thousand five hundred dollars. Rent, an-1, ctc. I For rent, light, and incl, four hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. Furniture- For office furniture twenty thousand dollars. Sf¤¤i<>¤¤ry· For stationery, fifty thousand dollars. Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous and incidental items, ninety thousand dollars.