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358 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 180. 1879. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute postal cards, and expenses of agency, seven thousand three hundred dollars. Envelopes, ctc. For registered-package envelopes, l0ckS and seals and for office envelopes, and for deadletter envelopes, sixty five thousand dollars. Ship letters. For ship, steamboat, and way letters, four thousand five hundred dollars. Drafts and war- For engraving, printing, and binding drafts and warrants, one thou- ¤1¤\=¤· sand five hundred dollars. Transportation Oruuon or Supnnrxrnisnrsavr or Four-iter: MAn.s.—For transporta- °*” ****8** *****1*- tion of foreign mails, two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Bplnu res d¤•= For balances due foreign countries forty five thousand dollars, includ-

  • ‘“"S“ °°““*“"· ing the portion of the expense payable by the United States for the

International maintenance of the International Bureau at Berne, Switzerland, under 3******- the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention concluded at Paris, France, June tlrst, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight. Deficiency in Sec. 2. That if the revenue of the Post—Oifice Department shall be in- ¥¤*‘*‘¤**°¤· sufficient to meet the appropriations made by this act, then the sum of live million tour hundred and fifty seven thousand three hundred and seventy six dollars and ten cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to supply deficiencies in the revenue of the Post-Oiiice Department for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty. Ilailway aerriee. Sec. 3. The Postmaster General shall, in all cases, decide upon what trains and in what manner the mails shall be conveyed. Style, eu-., ofcars. Sec. 4. That all cars or parts of ears used for the railway mail service shall be of such style, length, and character, and furnished in such man- 11er, as shall be required by the Postmaster General, and shall be constructed, fitted up, maintained, heated, and lighted by and at the expense of the railroad companies. Failure, ere., in Sec. 5. That the Postmaster General shall deduct from the pay of M”**¤.v ¤¢*‘*i¢‘¢’· the railroad companies, for every failure to deliver a mail within its schedule time, not less than one half of the price of the trip, and where the trip is not performed, not less than the price of one trip, and not rm•—s»o. exceeding, in either case, the price of three trips: Provided, however, Tlmt if the failure is caused by ai connecting road, then only the connecting road shall be iined. And where such failure is caused by unavoid- Remission. able casualty, the Postmaster General, in his discretion, may remit the fine. And he may make deductions and impose fines for other delinquencies. cm of railtray Sec. 6. That the Postmaster General shall request all raih·oad com- """' "“""1’°"’“"°"- panics transporting the mails to furnish, under seal, such data relating to the operating, receipts and expenditures of such roads as may, in his judgment be deemed necessary to enable him to ascertain the cost of mail transportation and the proper compensation to be paid for the pe,,,,,.t_ same; and he shall, in his annual report to Congress, make such recommendations, founded on the iniormation obtained under this section, as shall, in his opinion, be just and equitable. Glance of mail Sec. 7. That mailable matter shall be divided into four classes: "’”””'· First, written matter; Second, periodical publications; Third, miscellaneous printed matter; Fourth, merchandise. Hm elm Sec. S. Mailable matter of the iirst class shall embrace letters, postal cards, and all matters wholly or partly in writing, except as hereinafter provided. Rama. Sec. 9. That on mailable matter of the tirst class, except postal cards and drop letters, postage shall be prepaid at the rate of three cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof; postal cards shall be transmitted through the mails at a postage charge of one cent each, including the cost c1' mauuiactnue; and drop letters shall be mailed at the rate of two cents per half ounce or fraction thereof, including delivery at letter car-