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368 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. Company shall file with the Secretary of War innianner and form to be by him approved, their acceptance of this provision of tlus act. Coosa River. For improving Coosa River, Georgia and Alabama, forty-five thousand dollars Hiawosseo River. For improving Hiwassee River, Tennessee, three thousand dollars. Oostonauia and For improving Oostenaula and Coosawattee Rivers, Georgia, three Cv<>S¤“‘=¤fo*= Ri V- thousand dollars. €I’S. Ocmulgcc River. For improving Ocmulgee River, Georgia, seven thousand dollars. Oconee River. For improving Oconee River, Georgia, one thousand five hundred dollars. Muskingum Riv- For an ice harbor at the mouth of the Muskingum River, Ohio, thirty ¤1‘i¤<>·hMb¤F· thousand dollars. Ohio River. For improving the Ohio River, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars; of which sum fifty thousand dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary, shall be expended in the removal of obstructions at Grand Chain, and not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars on the Davis Island Dam. Little Kanawha For improving Little Kanawha River. \Vest Virginia, dredging, remov- River. ing obstructions, and for wing—da1ns, if required, eighteen thousand dollars. Gii,·,,mi0ii9 Ri.-- For improving Guyandotte River, West Virginia, one thousand doler. lars. ' Oiiioiiiigim Ha,. For improving harbor at Ontonagon, Michigan, seventeen thousand bor. dollars: of which sum fifteen thousand dollars shall be expended in the construction of piers, and two thousand dollars in dredging. Big Sandy Riw,i._ For improving Big Sandy River from Catlettsburg, Kentucky, to Head of Navigation, twelve thousand dollars. yviiimii given For improving \Vabash River, Indiana. twenty thousand dollars. pgagiii Hai-bon For improving Eagle Harbor, Michigan, two thousand dollars. ymqmgii., HM. For improving harbor at Marquette, Michigan, for repairs, one thoubor. sand five hundred dollars. ymiomoimgiii. For improving harbor at Menomonee, Wisconsin, ten thousand dolbor. lars. 6,,,,,,, my H,,i_ For improving harbor at Green Bay, Wisconsin, four thousand dollars. b . Ogiiiigi, 0,, Bw For harbor of refuge at entrance of Sturgeon Bay Canal, Wisconsin, harbor of refuge. thirty ’thOI1S3·Ild d0]]2tI‘S. Ahi,i,,I,,,.,Hii,bi,,_ 1 For improving harbor at Ahnapee, Wisconsin, seven thousand dollars. Two Ri,.,,,,, HM- I For improving harbor at Two Rivers, Wisconsin, twenty thousand bor. e ollars. — M,i,,iii,.,.,,i, Him For improving harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, six thousand five bor. hundred dollars Si,,,;,,,,,,,,,, Har. For improving harbor at Sheboygan, Wisconsiii, repairs and dredging, bor. three thousand dollars. pm w,,,,,iiii,g_ For improving harbor at Port Washington, Wisconsin, seven thoutori Harbor. sand five hundred dollars. Milwaukee Har- For improving harbor at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, seven thousand five bor- hundred dollars. Racine Harbor. For improving harbor at Racine, Wisconsin, six thousand dollars. Kenosha Hm;b0I·_ For unproving harbor at Kenosha, Wisconsin, five thousand dollars. vox midwiimii- For improving Fox and Wisconsin River, WVisconsin, one hundred sm Rivers. and fifty thousand dollars. Chicago Harbor. 1 For improving harbor at Chicago, Illinois, seventy-five thousand dollars. Calumet Harbor. For improving harbor at Calumet, Illinois, twelve thousand dollars. Hiiigrigan City 1 For improving harbor at Michigan City, Indiana, forty thousand dol· · I` I`- BIS. b0Charlevoix Har· For improving harbor at Charlevoix, Michigan, nine thousand dollars. I`. bcrirrukrorr Hm. For improving harbor at Frankfort, Michigan, four thousand dollars.