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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. 367 Dickey’s Island and the mouth of the Ohio River, and eight thousand (l0Il8.lS between Islands Numbers Fourteen and Fifteen, near the town of Kaskaskia, Illinois. For improying Upper Mississippi River: Operating snagboat twenty Upyier Missisthousand do lars. Sippi iV¢r· For improving Miwissippi River from Des Moines Rapids to mouth of Mississippi Rithe Illinois River, forty thousand dollars. W1'- For improving White River, Arkansas, ten thousand dollars. \Vhite River. For improving Rush Chute and the harbor of Burlington, Iowa, hve Rush Chute. thousand dollars. For improving harbor at Fort Madison, Iowa, three thousand six hun- Higrf Medi son dred dollars. “ °’· For removing bar in the Mississippi River opposite Dubuque, Iowa, Mississippi Rifour thousand dollars. I"- For improving Des Moines Rapids, twenty-five thousand dollars. lDes Moines Rap- 1( S. For operating the canal at Des Moines Rapids, forty thousand dollars. “QunaIl at] Des . olnes {api s. For improving Rock Island Rapids, Mississippi River, six thousand R Rolck Island dollars **1*** s- For improving Galena River and harbor, Illinois, twelve thousand Galena River. dollars For improving Saint Croix River below Taylors Falls, eight thousand R Saint Croix dollars. i*‘¤1"- For improving Red River of the North, Minnesota, and Dakota, ex- Red River of the clusively for dredging, twenty-five thousand dollars. Nmh- For improving Illinois River, forty thousand dollars. Illinois River. For iinprtaving Cumberland River below Nashville, Tennessee, forty Cnniherlnnil Rithousant do lars. VH- For improving Fourche Le Fevre River, Arkansas, ten thousand Friar;-che Lo Fo- ({0 [mg vre iver. For improving Cumberland River above Nashville, Tennessee, thirty- Ciinmerlontl Ri— nine thousand dollars; of which sum eighteen thousand dollars shall be VH`- expended from Nashville to the Kentucky line, six thousand dollars from the Kentucky line to Smith’s Shoals, and fifteen thousand dollars at Smiths Shoals. For improving Tennessee River above Chattanooga, eleven thousand TennessceRiver. tive hundred dollars. For improving Tennessee River below Chattanooga, including Muscle Tennessee River, Shoals. and Duck River Shoal, and the Shoal at Reynoldsburg, two hundred and ten thousand dollars: Provided, That whenever, in the Proviso. prosecution or maintenance of the work of improving Tennessee River between Decatur and Florence, in the State of Alabama, it may be necessary, in the judgment of the Secretary of \Var, to take possession of any lands for canals or cut-offs, and a reasonable price for the same Landaforcut-afs. can be agreed upon between the owner of said lands and the officer in charge of said work on the part of the United States, the Secretary of \\`ar may authorize the purchase of said lands: Prorided, That in case Prooioo. the owners of said lands shall refuse to sell the same at a. reasonable price, then the price to be paid shall be determined, and the title and Condemnation. jurisdiction procured, in the manner prescribed by the laws of the State of Alabama; And provided, That in either ease the entire cost of such Proriso. lands to the United States shall not exceed ten thousand dollars. Totalcost. In consideration of the proposition of the Butialo Bayou Ship Channel Buffalo B ayou Company to turn over their work at Morgan’s Point, and to surrender Ship Channel. their charter granted by the legislature of Texas, and the rights accruing thereunder, to the United States, which proposition is now on ‘ tile in the \Var Department, and is hereby accepted, the government hereby adopts the line surveyed from the cut in Red Fish Bar to the out in Morgan’s Point, and the sum of eighty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the improvement of that line; Provided, That no part of Promo. said sum shall be expended until said Buffalo Bayou Ship Channel