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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. 37 5 The Broad River, South Carolina; Examinalionaand The Catawba River South Carolina; ¤¤¢¤‘¢y8, ¤<>¤¢i~u<·d- For a survey and estimate for a breakwater to be constructed from a point at or near the new canal outlet near New Orleans Louisiana, to the Ponchartrain Rail Road Wharf said Breakwater to be so constructed as to serve as a Harbor of Refuge for all vessels. Size. 3. That for the examinations and surveys herein provided for, Bxrspsss of cxand for incidental repairs of harbors, for which there is no special appro- ““““““°"i ““· priation, the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Sec. 4. It shall be lawful for the Arkansas River Transfer Railway Arkwwus 1fircr Company, a corporation having authority under the laws of the State of *‘¤¤~f<‘¤‘ Ifwiway Arkansas to build a railway from some suitable point in the city of Little °mP”"”' Rock across the Arkansas River to some suitable point in the town of Argenta, all being in the county of Pulaski, in said State, to build a railway transit and wagon bridge across said river, and that when con- N.,,, g,,-;,;,,., A,-- structed all trains of all railways, terminating at the Arkansas River, at kansas Rim. or near the location of said bridge, and all foot passengers, animals, and vehicles, shall be allowed to cross said bridge for a reasonable compensation, to be paid to the owners thereof; and in case of any litigation arising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction to the tree navigation of said river, the cause may be tried before the district court of the United States in and for the eastern district of the State of Arkansas. SBC. 5. That any bridge built under the provisions of this act may, Cha raoter o f at the option of the company building the same, be built as a draw- ¤¢*¤¢*M¤‘¢- bridge, with a pivot, or with unbroken or continuous spans: Prwidcd, Proviso. That if said bridge shall be made with unbroken or continuous spans, it shall not be in any case of a less elevation than fifty feet above extreme high-water mark, as understood at the point of location, to the bottom chord of the bridge, nor shall the span over the main channel of the river be less than two hundred and fifty feet, nor shall there be a greater number of spans than tour crossing the remaining width of said river, and the piers of said bridge shall all be parallel with the current of said river; And prorided also, That if any bridge shall be constructed under this Proviso. act as a draw—bridge, the same shall be a pivot-draw over the main channell, with spans of not less than one hundred and sixty feet in the clear on each side of the center or pivot pier of said bridge, and that there shall not be a greater number of fixed spans than four crossing the remaining width of said river, and said bridge shall not be less than ten feet above high—water mark, as understood at the location of said bridge, measuring to the bottom chord of said bridge, and all the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with the current of said river: And provided also, Iwomo. That said draw shall be opened promptly, upon reasonable signal, for the passage of boats whose construction shall not be such as to admit of their passage under said bridge, except when a railroad train is passing over the same; but in no case shall any unnecessary delay occ1u· in opening the draw atter the passage of said train. Size. 6. That any bridge constructed under this act and according to Pvsi-Mule its provisions Shall be a lawful structure, and shall be recognized and known as a post-route, upon which no higher charge shall be made for the transmission over the same of the mails, the troops, and munitions of war of the United States than the rate paid for their transportation over the railroads or public highways leading to said bridge; and the United States shall have the right of way for postal-telegraph purposes across said bridge. Sec. 7. That Said bridge shall not be built or commenced. until the APP*‘°*‘¢’<*f1>l¤”¤· railway company aforesaid shall submit to the Secretary of \Var, for his approval, a plan with the necessary drawings of their bridge, conforming to the above requirements, nor until he shall approve the plan and location of said bridge, and notify the company of the same in writing. And should any change be made in the plan of the bridge