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374 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. Ewminafiqvv and Withlacooclie River, Florida; "“"“V·"· “'"""“"d· Black River, Arkansas; Caney Fork, Cumberland River, Tennessee; _ Saint Joseph River, from its mouth in Michigan to Elkhart, Indiana, including channel leading up to Benton Harbor; Trinidad Harbor, California; Sacramento River, California; Tchula Lake, Mississippi; Archer’s Hope River, Virginia; Susquehannah River, Pennsylvania; Resurvey of Sebewaing Harbor, Michigan ; Resurvey of Clinton River, Michigan; Resurvey of bar at mouth of Bell River, Michigan ; Aroostook River, Maine, from boundary line to M asardis; Green River and its tributaries, Muddy and Barren Rivers, Kentucky; Bayou Deglaize, Louisiana; Moosebec Bar, Jonesport, Maine; South River, New Jersey. between Raritan River and Old Bridge; Bayou Terrebonne, Louisiana; Tcheiuncta, Tichfaw, and Amite Rivers, Louisiana ; Cheesequakes Creek, New Jersey; Allegheny River, from French Creek to Olean, New York. Dan River, Virginia from Clarksville, Virginia to Danbury, North Carolina (continued); The Mississippi, from Saint Paul to the Falls of Saint Anthony; Oconto River, Wisconsin; Wolf River, Wisconsin (continued); Superior Bay, to determine the best and most economical plan for harbor improvement for the head of Lake Superior; Resurvey of Ogdensburg Harbor, New York; Wa»rrior, from Tuscaloosa to Forks of Sipsey and Mulberry, Alabama; Sipsey River, Alabama; The Columbia River at the Dalles in Oregon, including plan and specilications for locks and canal around said point; For an accurate examination and survey of Alsea Harbor, Oregon and bar in front of it; Umpqua River, Oregon, between Scottsburg and its mouth; The Cowlitz River, \Vashington Territory, for purpose of ascertaining the cost of removing snags and other obstructions; Ship canal across Bergen Neck in Hudson County, New Jersey: Tuckahoe Creek, Maryland; Chattahoochie River, Alabama, from Geneva to Newton; Pea River, Alabama, from Geneva to Elba; Cheyenne River, Dakota; Continuing survey of the Yellowstone River; Port Royal River, near Beaufort South Carolina; Survey and estimate for York River Virginia; Pamunkey River, in Virginia; Bayfield Harbor, \Viseonsin; Ashland Harbor, Wisconsin; Morristique River, Michigan; Approaches from Lake Superior to Saint Mary’s Falls Ship Canal, for a sixteen foot channel; Kankakee River, Indiana and Illinois; For survey of Broad Creek, a prong of the Nanticoke River, from its mouth to Laurel, Delaware; For the resurvey of the outlet to Wolf Lake in Lake County Indiana; For survey of \Vaccamaw River, North Carolina; For survey of Catawba River, North Carolina; The Pee Dee Rivers, South Carolina; The Santee River, South Carolina; The Wziteree River, South Carolina;