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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. 373 carrying on the various works by contract or by hired labor, at his dis- Contracts after cretion. and as in his judgment may be most advantageous to the gov- “d’·`""“"“""· ernment: and, where said works are done by contract, such contracts shall be made after sufficient public advertisement for proposals in such manner and form as the Secretary of YVar shall prescribe; and such contracts shall be made with the lowest responsible bidders therefor, accompanied by such securities as the Secretary of War shall require. SRC. 2. That the Secretary of \Var is hereby directed, at his discre- Exqmfnqtiong and tion, to cause examinations or surveys, or both, and estimates of cost of WWW8- improvements proper, to be made at the following points, namely: The outlet of Lake YVinnepesaukee, New Hampshire; Nantucket Harbor, Massachusetts; Broad Bay, Virginia; Link Horn Bay, Virginia; Lin Haven Bay, Virginia; Chincoteaque Inlet, Virginia; Shenandoah River, Virginia and \Vest Virginia. Cathanse, Maine; The Delaware at Chester and Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, to ascertain its adaptability for an ice·harbor; New Town Creek, at mouth of East River, New York; Nanticoke River, Delaware and Maryland; Channel leading into Cabin Creek, Maryland ; Northeast River, Maryland; Loekwood’s Folly River, North Carolina. Tread Haven Creek, Maryland, for a distance of three miles below Eastern. Slaughter Creek, Maryland. Choptank River, Maryland between Denton 2l.1l(I Greensboro’; Secretary Creek, Maryland. Canal connecting Galveston and Brazos River, Texas. Bayou Vermillion, Louisiana; Bayou Teche, Louisiana; Bayou Courtableau, Louisiana; Coosa River, from the bridge of ‘ Selma River, Rane and Dalton Railroad, to city of \Vetumpka, Alabama; Duck River, from its mouth to Centerville, Tennessee. Yallabusha River, Mississippi; Noxubee River, Mississippi; Cuivre River, Missouri; The Gasconade River from its mouth to Vienna in Maries County, Missouri; Arkansas River at Pine Bluff. Ohio River and mouth of Little Kanawha River, West Virginia, to ascertain the adaptability of that locality for an ice harbor, including a. report on the cost and merit of that point compared with the mouth of the Muskingum at Marietta, Ohio, surveyed under the provisions of the lw'8 ,,h_264 act of June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy eight; Ante; 162. ’ Waukegan Harbor, Illinois and Illinois River: Alton Harbor, Illinois, and the Mississippi River opposite to the mouth of the Missouri: Breakwater at Mackinac, Michigan; Harbor of refuge at entrance to Portage Lake and Lake Superior ship canal; Petaluma Creek, California Resurvey of Sabine River, Texas, from its mouth to East Hamilton; Besurvey of Neehes River, Texas, from the mouth of the Neches to Bcvelport: Ptesurvey of Trinity River, Texas, from its mouth to the bridge of the Great Northern Railroad. Charlotte Harbor and Peace Creek, Florida; Entrance to Cumberland Sound, Florida and Georgia;