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372 FOBTY-FIFTH oononnss. ssss. III. ori. 181. 1879. quished to the United States, free of cost, in manner and form to be approved by the Secretary of War. Missouri River. For improvement of Missouri River at Vermillion, Dakota, five thousand dollars. Bnmswick Hm-- For improving Brunswick Harbor, Georgia, twenty thousand dollars I'. bopommomhgm-. For improving Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire, ten thousand hor. dollars. iiisssuri River. For improving Missouri River, at or near Kansas City, thirty thousand dollars. Pascagoula Ri. For improving Pascagoula River, Mississippi, fourteen thousand dolvcr. l£1.1‘S. Pearl River. For improving Pearl River, Mississippi from Jackson to Carthage, six thousand dollars. Osage River. For improving the Osage River, Kansas and Missouri, twentv thousand dollars. White River, For improving White River, Indiana, from the Wabash River to Dor- I¤di¤¤¤·- tersville and to the Falls on West Fork, according to report of Chief of Engineers, without constructing locks and dams, twenty five thousand dollars. . Saint Anthony’s For sluiceway through public works at Saint Anthony’s Falls, Minne- F¤US· _ sota, ten thousand dollars: Promkicd, That no part of said stun shall be P""’“’°· expended for right of way, and that said improvement can be made without expense to the United States further than the actual construction of said sluiceway. chippewakiver. For the protection of the high sand banks on the Chippewa River, Wisconsin to prevent their erosion and deposition in the Mississippi Primm. River, eight thousand dollars: Provided, That nothing shall be done, Fm, mw, mon ,0 nor shall any improvement bemade, on the said Chippewa River, under b,,,,,,,,.,,,;'? or in pursuance of this act, or the appropriation hereby made, which shall, directly or indirectly, prevent, interfere with, or obstruct the iree navigation of the said river, as heretofore, by steamboats, or other water craft, or the free use thereof, as heretofore, for the running, floating, guiding, or sheering of loose logs or rafts of hunber, or logs upon or down the same, or which shall directly or indirectly, prevent, obstruct, or interfere with the use of any slough, arm, or branch of the said river, as heretofore, for the holding, assorting, or rafting of logs therein. Shrewsbury Ri- For improving Shrewsbury River, New Jersey, ten thousand dollars. VC!`. Mississippi Ri- For improving navigation of Mississippi River, at Quincy Illinois, VM- twenty thousand dollars. Harlem River. For improving Harlem River, New York, one hundred thousand dol- Pmrieo. lars; but this appropriation is made subject to the provisions and limi- 1878, eh. 264, tations contained in the act of June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and Ante, 158. seventy eight, relating to said Harlem River improvement and the right of way therefor. Delaware River, For improving l)elaware River at Schooner Ledge, fifty thousand dollars; Harbgrgfrgfiigg, That the sum of one hundred and nfty thousand dollars be, and the Pacific Coast. same is hereby, appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasuiy not otherwise appropriated, to be expended by the Secretary of \Var in the commencement of the construction of a breakwater and harbor of refuge at such point on the Pacific Ocean between the Straits of Fuca and San Francisco California, as may, in the opinion of a majority of the board of United, States engineers for the Pacific coast, be most suitable, the interests of commerce, local and general, being considered. Currituek Sound. For continuing the improvement of Currituck Sound and North River Bar, North Carolina, twenty-five thousand dollars. Potomac River. For dredging a channel in the Potomac River through the ilats in front of the landing at Mount Vernon, fom- thousand dollars. Ysakih River. For Yadkin River, North Carolina, twenty thousand dollars. _ Jlanrwrnfnmking It shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to apply the money herein ¤m1w<wv»wr•¤· appropriated for improvements, other than surveys and estimates, in