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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. 37] Fo. improving Upper Red River irom Fulton to the head of the Raft, Upper Rod Riten thousand dollars. V"- For improving Urbana Creek, Virginia, five thousand dollars. Urbana Creek. For improving Monongahela River, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Monongahela to be expended in completing lock and dam at Hoard’s Rock, twenty- R“'“· four thousand dollars. For improving Boston Harbor, to be expended in the improvement of Boston Harbor. Anchorage Shoals, the channel at the lower middle, and dredging the upper harbor, near the mouth of Mystic River, fifty thousand dollars. For improving Staunton River, Virginia, five thousand dollars. Staunton River. For improving Missouri River at Cedar City, ten thousand dollars. Missouri River. For improving Missouri River at and near Glasgow, fifteen thousand Missouri River. dollars. For improving Bayou La Fourche, Louisiana, including removal of B u y o u L e obstructions and deepening of channel, ten thousand dollars. F°“"°l‘°· For construction of breakwater at New Haven, Connecticut, thirty Ne w Haven thousand dollars. B'°“kW“°"· For improving entrance to Woods Holl Harbor, Massachusetts, fifteen Woods Hou Harthousand dollars, to secure a channel two hundred feet wide and ten feet Mrdeep. 1 For improving Manasquan River, New Jersey, twelve thousand dol- Manasquan Ri- &I‘S. ver. For improving harbor at Grand Marias, Minnesota, ten thousand dol- Grand Marias lays_ Harbor. For improving harbor at Muscatine, Iowa, seven thousand five hun- Muscatine Hurdred dollars. bm`- For improving White and Saint Francis Rivers, Arkansas, twelve \Vhito and Saint thousand dollars. Fm¤<=i¤ Rivers- For improving L’Anguille River, Arkansas, five thousand dollars. L*Angui11e River. For ice harbor at or near Cincinnati, Ohio, the sum of fifty thousand Cincinnati ieedollars, appropriated by act of June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and harborseventy eight, is hereby declared available for the ensuing year. 5*:3 ‘ig526‘*» For improving Cambridge Harbor and Pocomoke River, Maryland, Cambridge Hertwo thousand five hundred dollars each. b°’~ , PocomokeR1ver. For improving harbor at Queenstown, Maryland, three thousand dol- q n ne nge n Wn l&1`S. Harbor. For improving North Landing River, Virginia and North Carolina, North Landing twenty five thousand dollars. River. For improving Lubec Channel, Maine, ten thousand dollars; and for Lnbac (;]n,,nn,,]_ the purpose of this improvement the unexpended balance of the appro- 1867, ch. 144, priations made for the improvement of the Saint Croix River by the {gte;. acts of March second, eighteen hundred and sixty seven, March third, 17 8;:,, ‘ 565; eighteen hundred and seventy three, and June twenty third, eighteen 1374,,,5] 45,1; hundred and seventy four, are hereby made available. 18 Stat., 241. For harbor of refuge at Portage Lake, Lake Michigan, ten thousand portage Lak, d0l]£\I‘S. harbor of refuge. For Onancock Harbor, Virgin1a, three thousand dollars. Qnaugogk Hm-. bor. For improving Trent River, North Carolina, seven thousand dollars. T,-cnt Rivgr_ For improving Tar River, North Carolina, three thousand dollars. Tn,. Riv6r_ For improving Aransas Pass and Bay up to Rockport and Corpus Annnsaspassand Christi, Texas,thirty-five thousand dollars; which sum shall be expended Bay. in deepening the channel across the outer bar of Aransas Pass and the protection of the head of Mustang Island: Provided, That if the ex- p,.,,,,;,,, penditure of said sum in the manner indicated herein involve the improvement of any channel or way owned or controlled by any corporation or person with the right to levy tolls or otherwise to affect the navigation and commerce thereof, no part of said sum shall be expended until such right, ownership, and control shall have been surrendered and relin-