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378 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. Ufim- Court-house and post-office, Utica, New York: For continuation of building twenty-five thousand dollars. Wuslririgton- Treasury building, YVashin.gton, District of Columbia: For animal repairs, and for retaining-wall and fcnws, northeast boundary of the Treasury building, twenty-five thousand dollars. _ Repairs and Repairs and preservation of public buildings: For repairs and pres- 1"`°S°’““*°¤- ervation of public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, one hundred thousand dollars. LIFE-SAVING STATIONS. Life-saving ser- For alarics of superintendents for the life-saving stations, as follows: VM- On the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire, one, of Massachusetts, one, at one thousand dollars each; on the coasts of Rhode Island and Long Island, one, at one thousand five hundred dollars; of one assistant superintendent on the coasts of Rhode Island and Long Island, five hundred dollars. For salary of one superintendent for the coast of New Jersey, one thousand five hundred dollars. For salaries of superintendents on the coasts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, one, at one thousand dollars; on the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina, one, at one thousand dollars. For salary of one superintendent for the house of refuge on the coast of Florida, one thousand dollars; and of one superintendent for the lifesaving and life-boat stations on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, one thousand dollars, and of one on the coasts of Lakes Ontario and Erie, one thousand dollars. For salaries of superintendents for the life-savin g and lite-boat stations, as follows: One on the coasts of Lakes Huron and Superior, and of one on the coast of Lake Michigan, at one thousand dollars each. For salary of one hundred and ninetysix keepers of lifesaving and life-boat stations and of houses of refuge, at four hundred dollars each, seventy-eight thousand four hundred dollars. For pay of crews of experienced surfmen, employed at the life-saving and life-boat stations, at a rate not to exceed forty dollars per month each durin g the period of actual employment. three hundred and seventy- six thousand 11ine hundred and sixty dollars. For compensation of volunteer crews of life-boat stations, for actual and deserving service rendered upon each occasion of disaster, at such rate, not to exceed ten dollars for each person, as the Secretary of the Treasury may determine; and for pay of volunteer crews, for drill and exercise, five thousand dollars. Contingent expenses: For fuel for one hundred and ninetysix stations and houses of refuge; repairs and outfits for the same; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations; traveling expenses of officers under orders from the Treasury Department; and coutin gent expenses, including freight, storage, repairs to apparatus, medals, labor, stationery, advertising, and miscellaneous expenses that cannot be included under any other head of life-saving stations, on the coasts of the United States, fifty thousand dollars. For establishing new life-saving stations and life·boat stations on the sea and lake coasts of the United States, seventy-eight thousand dollars. REVENUE-GUTTER SERVICE. Revenue-cutter- Expenses of revenue-cutter service: For pay of captains, lieutenants, "°"'°°· engineers, cadets, and pilots, and for rations for the same; and for pay of pettyofiiccrs, seamen, cooks, stewards, boys, coal-passers, and nremen, and for rations for the same; and for fuel for vessels, repairs and outiits for the same; ship-chandlery and engineers’ stores ior same; traveling expenses of officers traveling on duty under orders lrom the Treasury ])C]_)1lI‘tlll0Ilt; instruction of cadets; commutation of quarters;