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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 182. 1879. 38] For general repairs and improvements at the general light-house and Staten Island dobuoy depot at Staten Island, New York, ten thousand dollars. P°*· For protecting the site of the Absecoin light-house at Atlantic City, Absecom. New Jersey. twenty thousand dollars. To re-establish Reedy Island light, Delaware River, three thousand Rcedy Island. tive hundred dollars. To establish lights on the Delaware River, from Deepwater Point to 1;,,],,,,,,,.,, Rjy0r_ League Island, sixty thousand dollars. For repairs and protection of light-station in the fourth light-house Repairs in district, damaged by storm of October third, eighteen hundred and sev- Fo¤¤ii Di¤f¤‘i¤t· - cntyeight, seventeen thousand four hundred dollars. That the balance of the appropriation made by the act of July thirty- P=¤iS I¤l=~¤<i- first, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, for the establishment of rangelights at Hilton Head and Bay Point, entrance to Port Royal Harbor, South Carolina, is hereby made available for the construction of a rangelight on Paris Island in the same harbor. For changing position of light on Fig Island, Savannah River, Georgia, Fig Island. and establishing a raugelight on the tower of the Exchange Building, _ ExcbangeBui1d- Savannah, and the Light—lHouse Board is authorized to establish said "‘g»S*`*"”““”h· range-light without cession of jurisdiction, provided the government Jwerisdicthm. shall be at no expense for rent, three thousand dollars. For establishing a depot for buoys and supplies in the sixth light- Buoy depot, house district, ten thousand dollars. Sixth District- For continuing the construction of a light-house at or near American American Shoal. Shoal, Florida Reefs, Florida, fifty thousand dollars. For repairing the light-house at Northwest Passage, entrance to Key Northwest Pas- West Harbor, Florida, six thousand dollars. ¤¤s¤- To reimburse keepers of Dog Island and Saint Mark’s lightstations, Keepers of Dog Florida, for private property destroyed by a hurricane, nine hundred l¤i=¤¤<l und Saint and seventy dollars and sixty-tive cents. M"‘k'°‘· For rebuilding tower at South Pass entrance to Mississippi River, South Pass. Louisiana, nfty thousand dollars. For establishing a beacon—light to form a range with a large light to Calcasieu River. guide into the mouth of the Calcasieu River, Louisiana, one thousand tive hundred dollars. For beacon-light on Frying-Pan Island, at the mouth of Saint Mary’s Frying-Pan Isl- River, Lake Huron, two thousand dollars. imd- For continuing the erection of a light-house on Stannard’s Bock, Lake Stauuorr1’¤Rook. Superior, Michigan, fifty thousand dollars. For erection, removal, and repair of pier—head lights on the northern Northern Lakes. and northwestern lakes, twentyhve thousand dollars. For establishing a. iirst-class steam fog-signal at the light-station on South Farallon South Farallon Island, California, twelve thousand dollars. I¤i¤¤<i· For establishing a light-house and tog bell to mark the entrance to OaklandHarbor. Oakland Harbor, California, five thousand dollars. Point Pinos light-station, California: To pay amount of the decree of Point Pinos. the United States circuit court, attomeys’ fees, and costs, in the case of the United States versus Theron R. Hopkins and others, a suit instituted for the purpose of obtaining condemnation of lands for light-house site, six thousand dollars. For establishing a. depot for buoys and supplies in the twelfth district, Buoy depot, ten thousand dollars. TW¤ii"ii1Di¤¤i¤i¤· For completing the light-house and fog-signal to be established at Point Wilson. Point \Vilson, Puget Sound, Washington Territory, twelve thousand dollars. For establishing duplicate steam fog-signals on the coasts of the Fog-signals. United States, twenty thousand dollars. For building a steamer for service on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, River-service thirty thousand dollars. ¤i¤¤i¤*>F· For addition to the laboratory used by the Light-House Board for Laboratory. experiments with illuminating apparatus and materials, eight thousand dollars.