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BSO FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. _ I n sp o o t in g Inspecting lights: For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights and l'!¥1’“‘· other aids to navigation, including rewards paid for infomation as to collisions, four thousand dollars. Supplies. Supplies of lighthouses: For supplyingthelight-houses,beacon-lights, and fog-signals on the Atlantic, Gulf, Lake, and Pacific coasts with illuminating and cleansing materials, and such other materials as may be required for annual consumption, including the expenses of inspection and delivery of the same; for books for li ght-stations, and other incidental and necessary expenses, three hundred and seventyfive thousand dollars. Repairs. Repairs of light-houses: For repairs and incidental expense of lighthouses; for rebuilding and improving the same, and buildings connected therewith; and for the purchase and repair of illuminating apparatus and machinery, two hundred and seventyfive thousand dollars. Mississippi, etc., Lighting and buoyage: For maintenance of lights and buoys on the Yi"*¤°='»· Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Commissions to Commissions to superintendents of lights: For commissions to col- °°U<>°*°1`S- lectors of customs acting as superintendents of lights, being for disbursements to be made by them for the light-house establishment during the iiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty, seven thousand five hundred dollars. _ ct;-ii;h*·h0¤¤¤¤» LIGHT-Honsns, BEACONS, AND FOG·SIGNALS. Ipswich. For rebuilding tower, repairing dwelling, and purchasing site for beacon at Ipswich light-station, Massachusetts, ten thousand dollars. Cape Poge. For building a double set of quarters for the two keepers at Cape Poge, northeast point of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, five thousand dollars. Stage Harbor. For light—house at Stage Harbor, Massachusetts, ten thousand dollars. For day-beacons on the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and for repairing the same, ten thousand dollars. C. J . Gibbs. For reimbursement of Charles J. Gibbs, master of the light-house tender “Verbena", for amount paid by him in accordance with the judgment of court, in the ease of the suit for damages occasioned by the collision of the “Verbena" with the schooner "Adell", including attor- . neys’ fees and costs, eight hundred dollars. H. W. Arnold. For reimbursing H. W. Arnold, keeper of Conimicut light-station, for losses sustained at the time of the destruction of the keeper’s dwelling by ice, three hundred and nineteen dollars. Falkner’s Island. For steam fog-signal at Falkner’s Island light-station, New York, tive thousand dollars. E x o o n 1; i o n For establishing a first-class fog-signal at Execution Rocks, Long Rocks. Island Sound, fifteen thousand dollars. _ym,.,·S 1,,i,md_ For the rebuilding of the lighthouse on Jane’s Island, in Tangier Sound, Chesapeake Bay, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Tdnity Shogi_ To establish a light-ship and fog-signal at Trinity Shoal, off the western coast of Louisiana, fifty thousand dollars. Sandy Hook, For protecting the site of the east beacon, Sandy Hook, New Jersey, from the encroachments of the sea, five thousand dollars. Steam Mm For purchasing site at Steam Mill Point, Whitehah Narrows, New Point. York, three hundred dollars. osmbsriami For purchase of additional land at Cumberland headlight station, New York, two hundred and fifty dollars. ISIC., La, Mom, For establishing a better light and building a keeper’s dwelling at Isle La Motte, Lake Champlain, Vermont, ive thousand dollars. Ready ISi,,,,,d_ That the amount expended for repairing and refifting the discontinued light-station at Rcedy Island, Delaware Bay, to lit it for a ibg-signal station, is hereby authorized to be charged to the appropriations for repairs and incidental expenses of light-houses relating to the fiscal years during which such repairs were actually made.