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16 FORTY—F1FTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 7. 1878. GEORGIA. G¤<>¤‘zl¤· From Bowdon, Georgia, to Copper Mines, Alabama. From Cave Spring Georgia, to Centre Alabama. From Blaiusville to Gaddestown. From Atlanta, via Sand Town, to Chapel Hill. From Leavy to Twiner’s Store. From Canton, via Cherokee Mills and Ackwortb, to Dallas. From Dallas, via Nebo, and Henderson’s Store, to Villa Rica. From Oakland to Rocky Mount. From Hickory Flat to Canton. From Clarksville to Bartons. From Garden Valley to Reynolds. From Hartwell by Parker’s Store and Goodwill to Tocoa City. IOWA. Iowa. From Waverly to Oelwein. From Nautreville to Janesville. From Coldwater to Green. From Forest City to Fertile. From Geneva to Congress. From Hunnerton, via Cambria and Peoria, to Allenton. From Stewart, via West Milton Hawey’s Mill, and Brough, to Perry. From Fontanelle, via Adair, Jackson, and Grove to Exira. From Montezuma, via Telton and Deep River, to Verona. From Iowa City, via Coralville, North Liberty, Chase, and Danforth, to Fairfax. From lowa City, via Morfordsville, to River Junction. From Solon, via McLellan’s Ferry, to Lisbon. From Cresco, via Kendanville, Iowa to Elliota Minnesota. From Pomeroy to Emmetsburg. ILLINOIS. IUi¤¢>i¤· From Bushnell to Babylon. From Homer to Newmou. From Petersburg to Loyd. From St. Anne, via Pembroke, Illinois, to Morocco, Indiana. From Hennepin, via Florid to Cottage Hill. INDIANA. Indians. From Salem to Livonia. KENTUCKY. Kentucky- From Lafayette, Kentucky, via Weaver’s Store, Big Rock, and Dyer’s Creek, to Dover, Tennessee. From New Columbus, to Corinth. . From Bergin to Bryantsville. From Robinson Creek, up the Long Fork of Shelby to its head, down Boons Fork of the Kentucky River, to the mouth of 'I‘horuton’s Creek up same to the head, down the Rockhouse Fork of the Kentucky River to Collins. From Prestonburg, via the mouth of Beaver Creek, Alphoretta and McDowell’s to Beaver. From Cumberland Gap, via Clean Ford of Yellow Creek, Bronney’s Creek, Josiah Miracles, Bend of Cumberland River, and Ballenger Calloway’s to George Percifull’s on Clear Fork of Yellow Creek. From Stanton, via Fitchburg to Irvine. From Harrisonville to Paytona. From N ew Columbus to Corinth.