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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. SEss.·II. Ch. 7. 1878. ·]7 KANSAS. From Abilene to Bell Springs. Kenm- From Lincoln Centre, via Vesper and Sylvan Grove to Wilson Station. From Wellington to Arkansas City. From Jamesburg to Castleton From Rolling Green to Milan. From Milan to Medicine Lodge. From Great Bend to Wilson. From Coronado to Finley From Jewell Centre to Harrison. From Rest to Guilford. From Mount Ayr to Osborne. From Graham to Ellis. From Abilene, via Enterprise, to Lyona. From Williamsburg to Malvern. LOUISIANA. . From Mansiield, via Kingston, Fuerson’s Store, and Stonewall to Louisiana. Shreveport. From Greenwood, Louisiana, to Carthage, Texas. From Mansneld to Manny. From New Texas Landing, via Churchville and Petite Prairie, to Big Cane. From Ponchatoula, via Chapau Pella, and Tchefuncta to Covington. From Marthasville to Allen. MISSOURI. From Bethany, via Martinsville and Amos, Missouri, to Ringgold, Missouri. Iowa. From Lexington, via Martin’s Shop, Mount Hope, Pittsville to Holden. From Cherryville, via. Boyer’s Mill, to Catewa. From High Hill to Loutre Island. From California to Rocky Mount Miller County. From Chillicothe, via Cary Hill to Blue Mound. From Granger via Prospect Grove Missouri to Cantril Iowa. MAINE. From \Vcst Goldsborougli, via Hammonds Corner to Winter Harbour. Maine. MISSISSIPPI. From Belen to Sardis. Mississippi. From Senatobia to Hudson. From Bellefontaine to Walthall. From Greensboro’ to Walthall. From Starkville, via Chester and French Camp, to Kosciusko. From Senatobia, via Hillsdale, to Longtown. From West Point to Vinton From Scooba, via. Prairie Church, Mississippi, to Gainesville, Alabama. From Caseyville to Meadville. From Pittsboro’, via State Springs to Walthall. From West Point to Vinton. MINNESOTA. From Spring Valley Minnesota, to Chester, Iowa. Minnesota. From Pine City, Minnesota, via Brocton and Marshland, to Grantsburg, Wisconsin. From Elizabeth City, via Oscar, Throudhjem, Norwegian Grove, and V Park to Hawley. xx—-2