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396 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. FREED1fEN’S HOSPITAL AND ASYLUM. Fi~eedmt·n’s1los- Support of Freed1nen’s Hospital and Asylum, Washin,gton, District Pital. of Columbia; For subsistence, eighteen thousand dollars; for salaries and compensation, nine thousand three hundred and thirty six dollars; fuel and light, three thousand dollars; clothing and bedding, forage and transportation, miscellaneous expenses and repairs, hve thousand nine hundred dollars; rent of hospital building and grounds, four thousand dollars; medicines and medical supplies, one thousand tive hundred dollars; in all, forty one thousand seven hundred and thirty six dollars. INDIAN AFFAIRS. A. S. Lec’s heirs. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to pay, or cause to be paid, in equal portions, to Susanna Marble, Millie Frances Lee, and John Abel Lee, heirs of Abel. S. Lee, or their legal representatives, the sum of two thousand nine hundred and fifteen dollars, with interest thereon at the rate of seven per ceutum per annum from the ninth day of June, eighteen hundred and seventy two, out of any money due and owing, or that may hereafter become due to the Kiowa tribe of Indians, on account of any treaty between the said tribe of Indians, and the United States; the said payment to be in full of all claims of the said heirs of said Abel S. Lee, and of the amount allowed them by the Indian Bureau for property belonging to said Abel S Lee, taken and destroyed by the said Kiowa Indians in the year eighteen hundred and seventy two. Celia C. Short. That there be paid Mrs. Celia C. Short, of Lawrence Kansas, the sum of five thousand dollars, in five annual installments of one thousand dollars each, out of any money that may hereaiter be appropriated for the use and benefit of the Cheyenne Indians; the first installment 1870,teh.ev, to be paid out of the money appropriated for said Indians by act of AW.298- Congress approved February seventeenth, eighteen hundred and seventy nine, entitled "An act making appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian Department, and so forth". C. P. Birkm. That so much of “An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the iiscal year ending June thirtieth 1s7s,ch_;;;,g, eighteen hundred and sixty nine and for other purposes", approved Ante, 232. June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, as is in the words following: “To pay to Charles P. Birkett the sum of thirty two thousand five hundred and five dollars and seventy one cents, to reimburse the said Birkett, late United States Indian agent, for amount expended by him for the benetlt of the Indians at Ponca agency Dakota", be and the same is hereby, repealed. enum qr 0. P. And the said Charles P Birkett is hereby authorized and empowered T€i*"i‘¤” *<‘{¢¤T¢d *0 to institute and prosecute suit against the United States in the Court L"""' "f °'“"""’· of Claims for the recovery of the amount claimed by him as provided in the act aforesaid under the rules and regulations governing proceedings in said court, with the right of appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States to either said Birkett or the United States from the judgment of the Court of Claims in said case. Srirycy of Sioux For the survey of lands for allotments to the Red Cloud and Spotted ]""‘l*-* '“ D“k°*"·· Tail bands of Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory, ten thousand dollars. Iceiimvalnrmtclie For tho removal of the Muache, Capote, and \Veeminuche bands of qiul <>*h<=F UW I¤· Ute Indians to the new reservation provided for them under the terms ‘ “““· of an agreement made by the United States through Edward Hatch N. C. McFarland, and Lot M. Morrill, commissioners, and the above named bands of Ute Indians, at Pagosa Springs, in the State of Colorado, upon the ninth day of November, anno Domini eighteen hundred and seventy eight, and for the erection of suitable agency buildings, including residence for agent upon said new reservation, twenty thousand dollars.