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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 182. 1879. 397 SIIITHSONIAN INSTITUTION Preservation of collections, Smithsonian Institution; For preserva- National Mution and care of the collections of the National Museum, including those wim- |'rom the International Exhibition of eighteen hundred and seventy six, twenty three thousand dollars. Distribution of duplicates; For expenses of making up into sets for _Duplicato scienclistribution to colleges and museums, the duplicate ores, minerals, and mic Sl’°°i¤*€¤S- obiects of natural history belonging to the United States, five thousand dollars. Preservation of collections, Smithsonian Institution, Armory build- National Muing; For expense of watching and storage of articles belonging to the *"’“m· United States, including those transferred from the International Exhibition of eighteen hundred and seventy six, two thousand five hundred dollars. Additional security against iire; For providing additional security S°°¤¤‘i*5’ =¤s=¤i¤¤t against fire in the Smithsonian building for the government collections, Hm in accordance with report of the commission appointed to examine the public buildings, December tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy seven, three thousand dollars. For completing and preparing for publication the contributions to North Am•1‘1‘i0¤¤ North American Ethnology, under the Smithsonian Institution twenty Eth"°1°gY· thousand dollars: Proz·z'decI, That all the archives, records and materials P,-mso. relating to the Indians of North America., collected by the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, shall be turned over to the Smithsonian Institution, that the work may be completed and prepared for publication under its direction; Provided That it shall I"°v*8°· meet the approval of the Secretary of the Interior and of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. For a fireproof building for the use of the National Museum three _B¤i1<li¤g for Nahundred feet square, to be erected under the direction and supervision **°“‘”1M“*‘°““‘· of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, in accordance with the plans now on file with the Joint Committee of Public Buildings and Grounds on the southeastern portion of the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars: said building to be Location. placed east of the Smithsonian Institution, leaving a roadway between it and the latter of not less than fifty feet, with its north front on a line with the south nice of the buildings of the Agricultural Department and of the Smithsonian Institution: and all expenditures for the pur- Erpendituresro be poses herein mentioned, not including anything for architectural plans, “”""°d· shall be audited by the proper officers of the Treasury Department. ENTOMOLOGICAL COMMISSION For the completion of the work of the United States Entomological E¤t9m9]<>si¢¤·l Commission under the Department of the Interior in the special inves- C°mm1"’°"‘ tigation of the Rocky Mountain locust or grasshopper and the cotton worm, the sum of ten thousand dollars. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. To pay George H. Giddings, late contractor, for one month’s extra pay G- H- Gid<]i¤g¤» on discontinuance of a portion of route numbered eight thousand and seventy six, Texas, which went into effect July first, eighteen hundred and sixty one, in accordance with the opinion of the Attorney General, fourteen thousand five hundred and eighty three dollars and thirty three cents. COURT OF CLAIMS. For payment of judgments of the Court of Claims one lnmdred and J¤ds¤¤<=¤t¤· twenty five thousand dollars.