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400 FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Ill. Ch. 182. 1870. the several executive departments, three hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. SENATE D. T. Corbin. To pay D. T. Corbin, late contestant for a seat in the United States Senate from the State of South Carolina, his expenses of such contest, ten thousand dollars. F. Bmckett. To pay Frederick Brackett for services as additional clerk to the Committee on Appropriations under resolution of the Senate, in addition to any other compensation he may be receiving, seventy two dollars. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. _C<>¤tcstc<1 clcc- That the parties named below, be allowed the amounts set opposite

  • '°“ °XP°“““- their names on account of expenses incurred by them respectively in

contested election cases: Charles M Shelley, two thousand five hundred dollars; J ere Haralson, two thousand five hundred dollars; P. D. Wigginton, two thousand five hundred dollars; Romualdo Pacheco, two thousand dollars; T. M. Patterson, two hundred and thirty seyen dollars and thirty five cents; J. B. Belford, six hundred and sixty six dollars; J. J. Finley, one thousand two hundred and sixty two dollars and seventy one cents; Horatio Bisbee, jr., four thousand dollars; J. H. Acklen, two thousand dollars; C. B. Darrall, one thousand dollars; J. B. Elam, five hundred dollars; C. E. Nash, one thousand dollars; E. W. Robertson, seven hundred and fifty dollars; Benjamin Dean, one thousand and Eve hundred dollars; Walbridge A. Field, one thousand and five hundred dollars; John R. Lynch, one thousand dollars; Lyne S. Metcalfe, one thousand and seven hundred dollars; R. Graham Frost, two thousand dollars; James L. Nutting, four thousand dollars; James B. Reilly, four thousand dollars; John S. Richardson, two thousand dollars; Joseph H. Rainey, two thousand five hundred dollars; G. D. Tillman, two thousand dollars; Robert Smalls, two thousand five hundred dollars; Joseph Jorgensen, one thousand dollars; in all,forlw six thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars and six cents, to be immediately available. Azloiranmfwu- That hereafter no contestee or contestant for a seat in the House of www vf ¢"¢<=*l°¤ Representatives shall be paid exceeding two thousand dollars for ex- """"""' penses in election contests; and before any sum whatever shall be paid to a contestant or contestee for expenses of election contests, he shall ule with the clerk of the Committee on Elections a full and detailed account of his expenses, accompanied by the vouchers and receipts for Accounts. each item, which account and vouchers shall be sworn to by the party presenting the same, and no charges for witness fees shall be allowed in R. S. 128. said accounts unless made in strict conformity to section one hundred and twenty eight Revised Statutes of the United States. Payment to The following sums are hereby appropriated to pay the widows and W¤d0W¤ ¤f¢l<=¢¢=¤¤¤<1 heirs of members of the present Congress, lately deceased in conformity “'°"'l’°"“· with the direction of the House of Representatives, namely; To enable the Clerk of the House to pay the widow of Alpheus S. Williams, one thousand and seven dollars and eighty-eight cents. To pay the widow of Gustave Schlcicher, seven hundred and thirty eight dollars and eighty five cents.