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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 163. 1879. 4]] penses of the Southern Claims Commission made by the legislative act approved June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, as may 1*mu»je»·. he necessary, not exceeding seven thousand dollars, is hereby transferred lor the payment of salaries of investigating agents and their expenses, and for additional clerks, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-nine. UNDER THE COURT OF CLAIMS. For payment of judgments of the United States Court of Claims, as follows: To Fmnk O. Kihiberg, six hundred and eight dollars and ninety-nine Ju.1gm.,,,t,, of cents; Andrew C. Bradley, to use of A. R. Shepherd, to use of George Court of Claims. Taylor and others, trustees, one thousand eight hundred dollars; the International Steamship and Railway Supply Company, twenty-seven thousand five hundred and twelve dollars and nfty cents; lVilliam C. Rawolle, one hundred and ninety-seven dollars and seventy-six cents; Edward Hunter, seventy-three dollars and four cents; F. H. E. Ebstein, one hundred and fifty dollars; George F. Foote, two hundred and twenty dollars and eighty-three cents; Frank K. Upham, eighty-eight dollars and fifty-eight cents; Thomas T. Knox, two hundred and eight dollars and thirty-three cents; Wihiam V. Richards, three hundred and twenty three dollars and three cents; James Miller, one hundred and forty nve dollars; Francis Moore, ore hundred and forty dollars and twenty-seven cents; Richard I. Eskridge, one hundred and forty-seven dollars and seventy- seven cents; George Searing, four thousand six hundred and thirty-two dollars and thirty-four cents; George W. Grifdn, surviving partner of the iirm of Griffin and Porch, two thousand six hundred and seventy nine dollars and twelve cents· David R. Godwin, dative tutor of the minor children of Hem·y S. Hall, deceased, one thousand five hundred and ninety one dollars and sixty two cents; James W. Goslee, two hundred aud eight dollars and eighty six cents; Adolphus Erdman, two hundred and forty six dollars ; William Crosby, four lnmdred and ninety one dollars and seventy eight cents; E. M. Peterson, administrator of Samuel Ruth, deceased, one thousand four hundred and seventy seven dollars and twenty one cents; James F. Buckner, one hundred and seventy seven dollars and seventy six cents; Adolph and Samuel Wool~ ner, copartners under the name of A. and S. \Voolner, eight hundred and one dollars; Kyran A. Murphy, two hundred and sixty two dollars and sixty eight cents; Joseph S. Emery forty three thousand one hundred and ninety nine dollars and forty nine cents; John C. Grand and Company, forty seven dollars and nity cents; Joseph S. Farden, one hundred and sixty three dollars and live cents; Jane Quinn, administratrix of David Quinn, deceased, one thousand seven hundred and forty dollars; Platt M. Thorn, hve hundred and fifty eight dollars and thirty three cents; to the Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company, fifty eight thousand two hundred and sixty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; in all, one hundred and forty eight thousand one hundred and fifty two dollars and eighty four cents. . DEPARTMENT OF STATE. FOREIGN INTERCOUBSE. For salaries of second secretaries of legation to Great Britain, France, S?°'°*'”i°“ "f1°‘ and Germany at two thousand dollars each, six thousand dollars. g'"’°”‘ To enable the Secretary of State to make such allowance as he shall B¤5’¤*d 'l`*¤*>'l°’· deem just and equitable to the widow of the late Bayard Taylor, late minister to Germany, for the extraordinary expenses and losses incurred by the estate of said minister in consequence of his dying within a short period after his arrival at his post of duty, the sum of seven thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.