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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 7. 1878. 19 From Littleton to Brinkleysville. North Carolina, From Halifax C. H. to Scotland Neck. °°”*i”“°d· From La Grange, via Jericho to Strabane. From Dudley, via Brogden’s Mill, and Gi·a.haui’s Store to Bentonsville. From Richland Institute, via Baptist Church on Jonathan’s Creek, Quallaxtown, Birdtown, Charlestown, Deharts and Jarrett/s to Valley- town. From California to Kitty Hawk From Snnsburg North Carolina to Suffolk, Virginia. From Waynesville, via Crab Tree, Fine’s Creek, and Maok’s Patch, North Carolina, and Lemon Gap, to Big Creek, Tennessee. From Lumberton, via Tolarsville, Maysville, to Smith’s Bridge. From Mangum to Mount Gilead. From Hillsboro, via Dodson’s Cross Roads, White Cross, Snipes Store, Peace’s Mill, and Bynums Factory, to Pittsboro. From Hat House, to Turtle Town. From Kittrell’s to Rocky Ford. From China Grove, via Enoclisville to Edmundstonville. From Littleton to Brinkleyville. From Halifax to Scotland Creek. From Graham, via Mount Herman, to Clover Orchard. From Yancyville to Milton. OHIO. From Ashland to Miillin. Ohio. From Quaker City to Freeport. OREGON. From Dexter to Big Prairie. Oregon. From the terminus of the present mail-route on Alsea reservation to Gardner City. From Pilot Rock, via the Granite Mining District, to Robinsonville. From Salem, via Perrydale to Sheridan. From Bakeoven, via Trout Creek and Willoughby to Prineville. From Prineville to Silver Wells. From Grand Ronde to Ore City. From Express Rauch, via Jordan Ranch, Marshall Creek, and Hibbard Ranch, to Courier Creek. From Stayton to Meehame. From Kerby to Althouse. From Gardiner City via Norfolk on Smith River to Sulphur Springs. From Canyonville to the mouth of Elk Creek. PENNSYLVANIA. From Canton, via Ogdensburg, Liberty, Navoo, and Morris to Antrim. Pennsylvania. From Allemans to Lloyds. From Elizabethville to Carsonville. SOUTH CAROLINA. From Taxahaw to Camden. South Carolina. From Spring Hill, via Providence, to Sumter. TENNESSEE. From Dover, via Wenner’s Store and Big Rock, Tennessee, to Lafay- Tenuossss. ette, Kentucky. From Pine Knot, via Morrowville, to Crooked Fork. From Birchwood to Blythe’s Ferry. From Cog Hill to J alapa.