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20 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. OH. 7. 1878. _Te¤nenee, can- From Grueth to Dunlap.

  • ““‘°d· From Lynden to Britt’s Ferry.

From Whittens Stand to Way1and’s Springs. From Dover to Paris. From Fortyeiglit to Ivy Mills. TEXAS. Texas. From Breckenridge to Albany. From Bellplain to Buiialo Gap. From Breckenridge, via Crystal Falls, to Graham. From Albany to Bellplain. From Dresden, via Irene, to Brandon. From J acksboro’, via Farmer, to Archer From Brownwood to Bellplaiu. From Lavernia to Marion From Granbury, via Center Mill to Weatherford From Hamilton, via Patterson’s, Indian Gap Mountain, to Williams’ Ranch. From Brownwood, via Parksford, Bull’s Ranch, Senterii t, to Lampasas. From San Saba to Coleman City. From Taylorsville, via Circleville, to Darilla. From Flatonia, via. High Hill, Red Rocks, Cedar Creek and Caldwell’s Mill, to Austin. From Bryan, via Brazos Bottom, Scott’s Store, and Khrone’s Mill, to Lyons’ Store. From Sentenielt, via Townsend Mills to Gatesville. From Henrietta to Wichita Falls. From McKinney, via Verona and Blue Ridge to Ladonia. From Dallas, via Duck Creek to Pleasant Valley. From Palo Pinto, via Palo Pinto Mills, Walter Cochran’s and Merriman’s, to East Land. From Texana to Carauchua. From Brady City, via Milburn to Brownwood Fwm Leano, via Eppersons, Field or Trout Creek, and Lost Creek to Brady City. From Marion, via New Berlin to Laveruia. From Graham to Spring Creek From Dallas, via. Duck Creek, to Pleasant Valley. From Coleman City to Buffalo Gap From Bell Plain to Butfalo Gap. From Greenville, via Lone Oak, Emory, Willspoint, Canton, and Walton to Athens. DFrom Pilot Point, via Collinsville, McComb and Whitesborongh to exter From Eastland, via Hightower’s Store to Breckenridge. From Coleman City to Buffalo Gap. From Graham to Spring Creek. From J efferson to Old Monterey. VIRGINIA Y"‘8*m°·· From Beaver Dam Depot, via Beaver Dam Mills and Chantilly to Factory Mills. From Black Rock, Virginia, via Blue Wing, and Buchanan, North Carolina, to Oxford, North Carolina. From Leesville to White Rock. _ From Pattensville, via Flat Lick and Wildcat Valley, crossing Wall1ns Ridge at Leggs Gap, to Turkey Cove. From Jonesville, via Cane Creek, Flanery’s Ford, to Turkey Cove. From Jonesville, via Cane Creek, Kelly’s Store, to Harlan C. H. Kentucky.