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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 183. 1879. 415 For depredations on public timber, for the fiscal year eighteen hun- Depredationn on gred and seventy seven, two hundred and ninety nine dollars and thirty limbm ve cents. To pay J. A. Coifey and Company for building sold the government J.A.Coifey&C0. for the use of the Osage Indian agency, and for contingencies of the Indian Department, eight hundred and eighty four dollars and nfty cents. To pay D. R. Risley for expenses of Indian delegation visiting Wash- D_ R_ Rigby_ ington in eighteen hundred and seventy, two hundred and thirty one ` dollars and fifty seven cents. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay the heirs of Henry H. Newton. Newton, deceased, for services on the commission to survey the Black Hills, in Dakota Territory in the years eighteen hundred and seventy five and eighteen hundred and seventy six, two thousand nine hundred and two dollars and ten cents. To pay Joseph O-Jib-Way for services rendered the Indian Depart- Joseph 0 -_y; i, . ment, four eighteen- hundred and seventy four and prior years, three hun- Way- dred dollars; For services of the Hot Springs Commission acting under the request Hot Sp ri n gs of the President, from June twenty fifth to December, sixteenth eighteen C¢>m¤¤i¤¤i<>¤· hundred and seventy eight, at the rate provided, by the act creating the commission, and for salaries of clerks, and the necessary incidental expenses incurred during said term, and for fees and per diem due the United States marshal for the eastern district of Arkansas, acting under the authority of said commission, twelve thousand dollars; the same to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. PUBLIC LANDS. For bringing up arrears in drafting and other work in relation to pri- Private laudvate land claims, three thousand dollars. ¤l¤im¤- PENSION BUREAU. For contingent expenses, for the year eighteen hundred and seventy Contingent. nine, three thousand dollars. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. For expenses of United States courts, for the year eighteen hundred E xp o ri s e s o t' and seventy eight, one hundred and ten thousand dollars. ¤¤¤¤¤ For deiraying the expenses of the Supreme Court and circuit and district courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia, and also for jurors and witnesses, and expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, of prosecutions for offenses committed against the [United States, and for the safe keeping of prisoners, fifty thousand ollars. For salaries of District marshals for the fiscal year eighteen hundred Marshals. and seventy seven, one hundred and eighty rive dollars and eighteen cents, and no clerk of the district or circuit courts of the United States or their deputies shall be appointed a receiver or a master in any case Remrmand may- cxcept where the judge of said court shall determine that special reasons M8 in ¢h¢¤M‘¢*‘!/· cxist therefor to be assigned in the order of appointment. Expenses of Territorial courts in Utah: For defraying the contingent com-ts in Um};. expenses of the courts, including compensation of the United States district attorney, and the fees, per diem, and traveling expenses of the United States marshal in the Territory of Utah, with expenses of summoning jurors, subpcenaing witnesses, of arresting, guarding, and transporting prisoners, of hiring and feeding guards, of supplying and caring for the penitentiary, arising under the act of June twentythird, eighteen 1874, oh. 469, hundred and seventy-four, in relation to courts and judicial officers in 18 Stat, 953- the Territory of Utah, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen °