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416 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 183. 1879. hundred and seventy-nine, to be paid under the direction and order of the Departme11t of Justice, upon accounts duly veriiied andcert1fied,six thousand dollars. NAVY DEPARTMENT. Contingent. To enable the Secretary of the Navy to pay certain contingent expenses of the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing for the years eighteen hundred and seventy-seven and eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, namely: To Evans, Ball and Company, freight to Villefrance, France, two thousand one hundred and seventy-one dollars and fifty-two cents; to pay Bogart and Morgan, agents, freight to Brownsville, Texas, one hundred and nineteen dollars and thirty-five cents; to pay Commercial Advertiser Association for advertising, two hundred and fourteen dollars and forty cents; in all, two thousand five hundred and five dollars and twenty-seven cents. Marino Corps. To pay certain amounts due under Quartermaster’s Department, Marine Corps: For pay of mechanics, one thousand three hundred and seventy-tive dollars; for purchase of ilags, drum-heads, and similar necessaries, one hundred and twenty-five dollars; in all, one thousand five hundred dollars. Under Pay Department of Marine Corps: For pay of clerks and messengers, five thousand seven hundred and fourteen dollars and forty- seven cents; for undrawn clothing, three thousand dollars; for additional pay for one irst lieutenant, retired, two hundred and tnventy-five dollars; in all eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine dollars and forty-seven cents. Leigh Brothers To pay Leigh Brothers and Phelps, of Norfolk, Virginia, commissions

          • 1 I’1’°lP¤· on sale at public auction of the Macedonian and Saint Florence, United

States ships, four hundred and seventy-nine dollars and fifty-six cents. J. W. Bigelow. To pay John W. Bigelow for provisions for the fiscal year eighteen hunched and seventy-seven, fifteen thousand three hundred and seventy- five dollars and forty cents. w, Crump 3, To pay lV. Cramp and Sons for iron furnished the Bureau of Con- Scns. struction and Repair, under contracts of October second, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and April fifth, eighteen hundred and seventy- tive, twelve thousand three hundred and fifty-three dollars and forty-one cents. A. H. Lindsay. To pay A H. Lindsay for timber furnished the Bureau of Construction and Repair, seven thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars and fifty-one cents. WAR DEPARTMENT. Traveling ex- For pay and traveling and general expenses of the Army for the iis- !‘°“S°“ A""‘Y· gallyear eighteen hiuidred and seventy-nine, seven hundred thousand o ars. Incidental ox- For incidental expenses of the Quartermaster’s Department, for the p¤¤¤¢¤- fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, three thousand and seventy-eight dollars and seven cents. For incidental expenses of the Quartermastens Department, for the ilscal year eighteen hundred and seventyeight, three thousand one hundred and two dollars and five cents. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. G o n o r al o x - That the sum of four hundred and sixty-six thousand five hundred and 1*01**8- thirty-three dollars and twenty-three cents bc, and the same is hereby, appropriated to supply a deficiency in the appropriations for the expenses of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, the same to be credited to the United States on its proportion of the expenses of the government of the Dis-