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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 183. 1879. 42] DEPARTMENT OF STATE. FOREIGN 1NTERo0URsE. To pay consular salaries, as follows: To W. W. Randall, one hundred Consular salaaud five dollars and fourteen cents ; J. F. WVebb, two hundred and *i°¤» °t°· seventy dollars and ninety-one cents; lVilliam Morey, four hundred and seventy-three dollars and eightyfour cents; R. Dawson, fourteen dollars and fifty cents ; C. S. Mattoon, three hundred and twenty-nine dollars and sixty-seven cents; R. Dawson, one hundred and seventy-eight dollars and fifty cents; F. Newman, three hundred and seventy-three dollars and fiityone cents; J. Fisher, for relief and protection of American seamen, twenty-seven dollars and sixty-five cents; N. Creasey, for relief and protection of American seamen, twenty-seven dollars and sixty-five cents; M. Vidal, awards imder convention between United States and Peru, one thousand and twenty-five dollars and six cents; John F. Delaplaine, salary as United States minister, one thousand one hundred and eighty-six dollars and twelve cents; in all, four thousand and twelve dollars and fifty-five cents. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. INTERNAL REVENUE. For redemption of internal-revenue stamps, two thousand five hun- _ R•=d¤¤¤1>ti<>¤ vf dred and sixty-fo1u· dollars and twenty cents. ;‘;;l;g1"°V°““° For allowance on drawback, internal revenue, fifty dollars and sev- Internal-revenue enty-six cents. ‘h”“·‘Vb“°kS· For refunding taxes illegally collected, four hundred and forty-one Refundlugtaxes. dollars and thirty-four cents. For salaries and expenses of supervisors and subordinate officers of Internal-revenue nternal revenue, three thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars ¤°J¤¤°¤· and thirty-six cents. For expenses of assessing and collecting internal revenue, nfteen Assessing and thousand and three dollars and sixty-one cents. °°U°¤=*1¤S- The unexpended balance, amounting to forty thousand dollars, of the Refunding back appropriation of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, made by the *’·X°¤- act of June fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, to refund 1878, eh. 191, and pay back taxes erroneously or illegally assessed or collected under A"*¢»12*$· the internal-revenue laws, is hereby continued and made available for, md during the present and next fiscal years only, the payment of all claims to which the appropriation is applicable. TREASURY MISCELLANEOUS. For suppressing counterfeiting and fraud, forty-six dollars and fifty 9tg°“¤*°¥f°i*i¤g, cents. . ‘ To refund excess of duty paid on deposits by national banking asso- Bfwk mxciations, one thousand and ninety-three dollars and eight cents. For return of proceeds of captured and abandoned property, twenty- C==¤1>t¤¤>¤l und six thousand and eightyeight dollars and sixty-two cents. :lPt‘;,“d°“°‘l i“`°1" For collecting revenue Hom customs, for this amount certined by the C<>U<#=<>*i¤S ¤¤¤· Commissioner of Customs under section four, act of June fourteenth, t°;"8€’,g";',‘:"{Qj} eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, nine thousand five hundred and A,,w;13'1_ ’ forty-two dollars and sixty-eight cents. And the further sum of two thousand three hundred and eighty-seven Surveyor of cusdollars and seventy-six cents is hereby appropriated to pay the amount *0mS- tound due the late surveyor of customs at Portland, Maine, and certified P°"l““d> M°‘ by the Commissioner of Customs to the Secretary of the Treasury as due, subsequent to the Secretary’s letter of January sixteenth, eighteen huridred and seventy-nine. For Marine Hospital service, three dollars and twenty-tive cents. saxagguv Hospital