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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 183. 1879. 423 UNDER YVAR DEPARTMENT. For traveling expenses of California_ and Nevada volunteers, nine California volhundred and ninety dollars and sixty-nine cents. “¤*°*>Y¤· For pay of two and three year volunteers, thirty-seven thousand nine Volunteers. hundred and eighty-eight dollars. For draft and substitute fund, twenty-four dollars and seventy-two Substitute fund. cents. For collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers, two hundred and Collecting volsixty-three dollars and ninety cents. unwers- For allowance for reduction of wages under the eight hour law, two Eight hour law. hundred and twenty-four dollars and twenty-one cents. For bounty to volunteers, their widows and legal heirs, one hundred B¤u¤tyt0v01unand nfty thousand one hundred and eighty-nve dollars and ninety-nine t°°”· cents. For medical and hospital department, two thousand six hundred and Medical and hosseventy-eight dollars and ninety-six cents. Dim] d°P¤Y*m¤‘>¤*¤· For arsenals, one hundred and ninetynve dollars and twenty-nine Arsenals. cents. » For contingencies of the Army, three hundred and forty-one dollars Contingent. and nfty cents. For ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies, three hundred and eleven Ordnance stores. dollars and thirty cents. For ordnance service, two hundred and thirty dollars. _ Ordnance serv- 108. For expenses of recruiting, thirty-four dollars and thirty cents. Recruiting. For transportation of omcers and their baggage, one hundred and Officers’ trans- Seventy-seven dollars and ninety cents. P°’m**°¤· For pay of the Army, nfteen thousand one hundred and twenty-three Pay. dollars and forty cents. ` For Army transportation, supplies, and incidental expenses of the Transportation. Army, the details of which are embraced in House Executive Document Number Thirty, Forty-fifth Congress, third session, pages twenty-six to forty-three, both inclusive, except and excluding the claims numbered Cmcm claimanthirty-eight thousand six hundred and eighty-three, forty-four thousand MMG6- nine hundred and sixty-two, and forty-nve thousand eight hundred and nfty-nine, and the claims of the Union Pacino, the Central Pacino, the Kansas Pacinc, the West»ern Pacino, and the Sioux City and Pacino Railroad Companies, ninety-seven thousand four hundred and ninety- seven dollars and forty cents. For horses and other property lost in the military service, fifty-eight I-·0¤’¤ horses, ctc. thousand one hundred and seventy-two dollars and twenty-one cents, as fully set forth in the above Executive Document. To pay Wilham Allen, late sergeant Company E, First Oregon W. Allen. Mounted Volunteers in Indian war of eighteen hundred and nfty-nve and eighteen hundred and nfty-six, for one horse lost in the military service of the United States, one hundred and fifteen dollars. To pay William W. Ivory for one horse lost in the military service of W. W. Ivory. the United States, one hundred and seventy-nve dollars. NAVY DEPARTMENT. For indemnity to seamen for lost clothing, seven hundred and twenty Lost clothing. dollars. · For expenses of burial of onicers and others of the United States Huron_ steamer Huron, four hundred and twelve dollars and seventy-seven cents. For bounty gratuity and mileage to seamen, one thousand three hun- Seamen'sb0unty, dred and nity-six dollars and eighty cents, as fully sct forth on page WM nfty-two of said Executive Document Number Thirty.