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428 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Ill. C11. 184. 1879. _A1=¤\>=¤m=¤, wu- From Dayton via Moss Side to, Shiloh ·

    • ““°d· From Columbia, via Pleasant Plains and Headland to Newton

From Union Springs to Shorter’s Station From Honoraville, via Cook’s Stand, to Leon. From Greenville to Cokerville. From Saint Stephen’s, via Milley, to Isney. From Grove Hill, via Winn’s Mill to J ackson. From Mount Level to Indian Creek _ From Fort Payne, via Black Oak and Smith’s Mill, to Langston. From Carolton via Gorda and Elroda to Cove Springs. From Saint Stephens to Milry. From Springville, via Odenville and Pleasant Hill to Ferryville. From Whitney via Bethlehem Church and Daniel N ix’s to Walnut Grove. From Jasper, via Elias Stedman’s and G. W. Juliens, to New Lexington. From Sipsey Turnpike to Moore’s Bridge. From Cullman, via Ekstine Mills, J A Donaldson’s and Elrid Humphrey’s to Warrenton. From Blount Springs, via Self’s Mills, to Village Springs From Saint Stephens to Deer Park. From York, Walker County, via D. J. Gibsons and Toledo, to New Lexm n. Fromm Jasper, via Hewett, James J Lard’s and Shepherd/Bend to Toadvine. - From Jasper, via South Lowell and Enterprise, to Cullman. _ From Greensboro, via Cedarville and Lanesville, to Uniontown. From Crossville, via Wheton, to Martin’s Mill. d Froén Rockdale, via Lovverns Mill, Stone Hill, Lost Creek, to Bowen eorgia. Fiom Rockdale, via East Mill and Mitehell’s Mill, to Delta From Gaston, via Bevils Store, to Tompkinsville. From Greenville to Shackleville. From Evergreen, via Old Town and Brook’s Mill to Red Level. From Castleberry, via Jackson Bell’s and George Bobinson’s to Daniel Robinsons From Greenville via Leon and Shirley to Rose Hill. From Sandy Ridge, via Panola, to Argus. From Williams Station to J ack’s Springs. From Monroeville to Mount Pleasant . From Montgomery to Ra-mer From Castleberry, via Robinson’s, to J aok’s Springs S Frolm Rutledge, via Duke’s Mill, Slip Up and Van Pelts to Oaky trea From Jasper via Hewitts Dills, Wilmin Thomas M Kni t’s Narrimore’s, Yellow Creek, and Bokers, to N£lIi’Port. gh , From Cullman, via Saudlins, to Arkadelphia. From Davisville to Belltown. From Newton to Columbia ‘ From Birmingham, via J. E. William’s to Toad Vine. From Carrollton to Sipsey Mills. From Carrollton to Bridgeville From Vernon to Caledonia, Mississippi. Arizona. ARIZONA. From Wiekensbery, via Blake’s Rauché, Camp Date Creek, Gilsons Rancho, Silver Glanse Ming, to Signal City. From erritgry, to York Utah. rom ine ar- via e pi' sHnalaandCon ' m W k, mg pai, gress Mines, From Wickenburg, via Date Creek and Mcflraoker Mine to Signal