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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Ill. Ch. 184. 1879. 43] From Cheyenne Wells, via Goose Creek, to Henkelman’s Banchc Colorado, ooo- From Boulder City to Balamt. ii¤¤¤d· From Silverton to Ophir City From Greely, along the north side of Platte River, via Lemons, YVeldon Valley, Morgan, and Pleasant Plain, to Builalo. From Hamilton, via Glen Charlotte, to Florissant From West Las Animas, via Purgatoire Valley, Nine-mile Bottom, and Trinidad, to Stonewall. From Garland Colorado, to Fort Wingate, New Mexico. From White River Agency to Los Pinos. From Trinidad, via Pulaski, Bents Canon, to Las Animas From Alamosa, via Conejas, Los Pinos, Lower Crossing of Chama. and Nacimiento, to Fort YVingate. From Alamosa, via La Java, to Conejos From Gunnison, via Crooksville, to Conchetopah From Alamosa to Sangre de Christo via Medano Springs From Huerfano to Salt Creek Fr;..; Fraser to Grande Lake From Omay, via Placerville, Paradox Valley, La Sal, and old Mormon Fort, to Salivas. From Trinidad, via Davis’s to Stonewall. From Hartel to Platte Station. From Lake City to Rose’s Cabin From Conejos, via Seleden, Manassa, and Serritos Alamosa. From White River to Lake City UFrom \Vhite River, via Grand River and Green River, to Adairsville, tah From Parrott City to Adairsville Utah. From Jnlesburg via Kit Carson to West Las Animas From White River to Fair Play From Parrott City to Fort Wingate New Mexico From Trinidad, via Stonewall, to Castella, New Mexico. From Rosita to Silver Clif From Colfax to Silver Cliff From Stonewallto Coneios From Alamosa, via Pagosa Springs, to Animas City. From Hot Sulpher Springs, via Gunnison to Lake City From Lake City, via Capital City and Rose Cabin, to Ouray From Fairplay, via Musquito Pass, to Leadville. From Preston, via Ten-Mile Creek to Leadville From Hot Sulpher Springs, via Williams' Fork and Blue River to Breckinridge From Georgetown via Argentine Pass, to Montezuma. From Central City to Hot Sulpher Springs. From Animas City, via Animas River to Farmington, New Mexico. From Deer Trail, via Hittsons, Cole’s Ranch and mouth of Beaver Creek, to Wctzel’s. From San Luis, via Fort Lowell, New Mexico, Washington Pass in Navajo Reservation, Ourabe, Arizona, William Grove Camp Mohave, and Camp Cady, to Mohave Station California. From Leadxille via Ten Mile to Breckemidge From Dixon to Hahn’s Peak From Hot Sulpher Springs, to Grand Lake. From Silverton, via Ophir to San Miguel. From Leadville, via Ten Mile Canyon, Carbonateville and Montezuma, to Georgetown From Walsenburg, via Butte Valley and Apache Creek to Green Horn. From Alamosa, via Washington Pass in Navajo Reservation to Mineral Park From Pagosa Springs to Fort Win gate New Mexico.