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44O FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 184. 1879. _Kun¤us, con- From Newton to Solomon City.

  • '““°‘]- From lVinfield, via Floral, to Pole. _ _

From YViniield, via Bushnell, Littleton, and El Paso, to Wichitzz. From Wintield, via Silverdale and Maple City, to Otto. From Winfield, via Salt City, Guelph, and South Haven, to Caldwell. From Larned, via Prattsburg, Wadsworth, Pleasant Valley, Livingston, Leesburg and Iuka, to Sun City. From Emporia to Bazaar. From Easton to Springdale From Haynesville to Iuka From Peace Creek, via Stafford, to Leesburg. From Independence to Colfeyville . From Sun City to a point up the Medicine Creek, twenty miles west of Sun City, and thence northerly to Kinsley From Hodgeman, up the north side of the North Fork of the Pawnee River to Brooklyn. From Rochester to Eclipse From Zion Valley, via Lula Valley and Freeman, to Haynesville. From Wichita to Anthony From Larned, via Ryan, to Victoria. From Soldier Creek to Sun City From Harper to Anthony. From Osage City to Eskridge, via Waushara From Council Grove, via Eskridge and Auburn to Topeka. From Dodge City, via Dry Cimarron and Canadian, to Tascosa, Texas. From Osage City, via Alma, to Manhattan. From Osage City, via Arvonia, to Burlington From Emporia, via Eads and Plumb to Bazaar From Larned, via Lucas, Ryan, Hutton, Olney, Pioneer, and Easdale to Victoria From Hodgeman, via Arthur, to Pawnee Valley. From Larned, via Nixon, Prattsburg, Iuka, and Southerland, to Lola From Smith Centre to Riverton From Dodge City, via Ashland, to WVa Keeny. From Fredonia, via Coyville and Middletown, to Yates Centre. From Elwood to Milwaukee From Kingman to Iuka. From Wa Keeny via Clarinda, Sidney, and Shiloh, to Dodge City. From Bazaar to Madison. From Burton, via Mount Hope, to Fayette. From Coifeyville to Marysville, Texas From Winlield, via Tannehill, to South Haven From Shockton to Gettysburgh From Caldwell, via Bluff Creek, to Anthony From Russell, via Big Creek, Pleasant Dale, and Pioneer, to La Crosse. From Iuka, via Cameron, Leesburg, and Silverton, to Our Carter. From Mount Ayr, via Victor, to Pleasant Hill. From Ames to Saint Joseph. — From Freeman to Iuka. From Wilson, via Blue Stem, East Wolf, Delhi, Potterville, and Twin Creek, to Osborne City. From Pleasant Plain, via Tapley, and Rose Hill to Russell. From Kingsley, via Leidler’s Crossing of Saw Log Creek to Hodgeman. From Cottonwood Falls to Council Grove From Sterling, via Lodina, River View, Fair Point, Bangstown and Coopersburg to Marquette. From Clyde, via Saint Joseph, Carmel and Green Cove to Lamar. From Ha-ynesville to Saratoga From Osage City, via Avonia to Eclipse From Osage City to Dragoon. From Osage City to Olivet.