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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 184. 1879. 439 From Emmetsburg, via Walnut and thence on the west side of Des Iowa, continued. Momes River to Estherville. From \\’interset to Thayer. From \Viota, via Reno and Carbon, to Quincy. From Oskaloosa to Excelsior. From Bethel City to Tracy. From Border Plains to Lehigh. From Coalville to Fort Dodge. From Columbus City to Columbus Junction. From Galesboro to Reasoner. From Iola to Durham. From Jacksonville to Lawler. From Kirkville to Chillicothe. From Nevenville to Cromwell. From Oskaloosa to Oskaloosa Junction. From Plum Hollow to McPaul. From Primrose to Codova. From Toledo to Tama City. From YVyoming to Onslow From Locust Lane, via Highlandville and Quandahl, to Bergen. From Maynard, via Seaton to Brush Creek. From Osage to New Haven. From Des Moines to Towner’s Lake. From Garner to Britt. From Dry Lake to Wi]]iams’s From Aplington to Bristow. From Peosta to Tivoli. From Solon, via Mechanicsville, to Lisbon. From Fertile to Bristol. From Jacksonville, via Sande, to Spillville. From Forest City to Ewald Minnesota From Waterloo to Rinebeck. From Vinton to Wesley Station. KANSAS. Kansas- From Lincoln Centre, via Vesper, Sylvan Grove, and Ziba to Wilson. From Clyde, via Carmel and Malta, to Lamar. From Lake View, via Sparta, to Burton. From Williamsburg to Malvern. From Lyons, via Voyl’s, Fair Point, and Coopersburg to Marquette. From Sedan, via J onesburg, Caney and Fawn Creek, to Coifeyville. From Sedan, via Peru, Matanzas, and Havana, to Independence. From Sedan, via Mount Vernon, Metz and Colfax to Elk City. From Sedan, via Grafton, Centre and Farmersburgh, to Elk Falls. From Sedan via Spring Creek, Belknap and Boston, to Elk Falls. From Sedan, via Lowe and Cloverdale, to Canola. From Sedan, via Fulda, to Cedar Vale. From Sedan, via Elgin, Hart’s Mills and Lisbon, to Arkansas City From Elgin to Osage Agency, Indian Territory From Wichita, via Haysville, Ohio Centre, Clear Water, Rolling Green, Smmy Slope, Suedonia, Milan and Lone Star, to Harper. From Jordan Springs to Haynesville. From Zenith, via Freeman, to Lula Valley From Coronado, via Finlay, to Marshal. From Coronado, via Peotone, to Finlay. From Hutchinson, via Reno Centre, Riverton, Desire, and Sego to Kin an. Fxgmlrn Wellington, via State Creek, Cleardale and Salt City to Arkansas Cit . Froui Blendon, via Magnolia and New Haven to Haven. From Ellinwood, via Bloomingdale, Odin and Pulacky, to Wilson.