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F ORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 195, 196. 1879. 48[ any enumerator in his district, and till the vacancy thereby caused or otherwise occurring; and in such cases but one compensation sha‘l be allowed for the entire service, to be apportioned among the persons performing the same in the discretion of the Superintendent of Census. Sec. 24. All laws and parts of laws inconsistent with the provisions Rvpeals. of this act are hereby repealed; and all censuses subsequent to the tenth census shall be taken in accordance with the provisions of this act unless Congress shall hereafter otherwise provide. Approved, March 3, 1879. A . 9 .——An act 'vinv the consent of Con ress to an u ccmen. or · cgitgedliigo bctweengtho States of Virginia and Maryland xggpecting tho: ary between said States. Wliereas arbitrators duly appointed on the part of the State of Vir- Maryland and _ ginia and on the part of the State of Maryland for the purpose of ascer- Vl¤`¤**¤l=ll>*>m¤<l*W>’· taining and fixing the boundary between the States of Virginia and P'°""‘m°‘ Maryland, did proceed in the premises to examine into and ascertain the true line of said boundary, and did award as to the same in words following, to wit: “AwAnn. “And now, to wit, January sixteenth, anno Domini eighteen hundred Awardand seventyseven, the undersigned, being a majority of the arbitrators to whom the States of Virginia and Maryland, by acts of their respective legislatures, submitted the controversies concerning their territorial limits, with authority to ascertain and determine the true line of boundary between them, having heard the allegations of the said States, and examined the proofs on both sides, do find, declare, award, ascertain, and determine that the true line of boundary between the said States, so far as they are conterminous with one another, is as follows, to wit: “ Beginning at the point on the Potomac River where the line between Virginia and YVest Virginia strikes the said fiver at low-water mark, and thence, following the meanderings of said river, by the low-water mark, to Smith’s Point, at or near the mouth of the Potomac, in the latitude thirty-seven degrees fifty-three minutes eight seconds, and longitude seventy-six degrees thirteen minutes forty-six seconds; thence crossing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, by a line running north sixty-five degrees thirty minutes east, about nine and a half nautical miles, to a point on the western shore of Smiths Island, at the north Glld of Sassafras Hammock, in latitude thirty-seven degrees fifty-seven minutes thirteen seconds, longitude seventy-six degrees two minutes fifty-two seconds; thence across Smith’s Island south eighty-eight degrees thirty minutes east, five thousand six hundred and twenty yards, to the center of Horse Hammock, on the eastern shore of Smith’s Island, in latitude thirty-seven degrees fifty-seven minutes eight seconds, longitude seventy- five degrees nity-nine minutes twenty seconds; thence south seventy- nine degrees thirty minutes east, tour thousand eight hundred and eighty yards, to a point marked A on the accompanying map,·in the middle of Tangier Sound, in latitude thirty-seven degrees fifty-six minutes forty-two seconds, longitude seventy-five degrees ilfty-six minutes twenty-three seconds, said point bearing from Janes Island light south nity-four degrees west, and distant from that light three thousand live hundred and sixty yards; thence south ten degrees thirty minutes west, fo1u· thousand seven hundred and forty yards, by a line dividing the waters of Tangier Sound, to a point where it intersects the straight line from Smith’s Point to W'atkin’s Point said point of intersection being in latitude thirty-seven degrees fifty-four minutes twenty-one seconds, longitude seventy-five degrees fifty- six minutes nftyii ve seconds, bearing from J ane’s Island light south twenty-nine degrees west, and from Horse Hammock south thirty-four degrees thirty minutes east; this point of intersection is marked B on the accompanying map; thence north eighty-five degrees xx---31