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506 roa·rY.r1r·r1;r coxcmsss. sm. rr. cn. ao. 1878. _T¤¤¤¤•¤¤•>. •=¤¤- To Philip Ealy, one hundred and eighty-six dollars and twenty-five

  • ·"‘“°d· cents.

To Thomas H. Elam, one hundred and twelve dollars. To Alfred Fleming, forty-nine dollars and sixty cents. To Obadiah Fletcher, three hundred and sixty-tive dollars. To Eli Fox, thirty-eight dollars and eighty cents. To llngh Foy, eight dollars and thirty cents. To James Fox. seventy-tive dollars. To Sevier and William Fryar, one thousand seven hundred and thirty- six dollars and twenty-tive cents. To Richard N. Faris, thirty dollars. To Meshack Franklin, administrator of the estate of John K. Wilbiirn, deceased, three hundred and eleven dollars and eighty-one cents. To William P. Gant, three hundred dollars. To James T. Gladney, seventy-one dollars. To P. F. Gould, two thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight dollars and fifty cents. To Thomas K. Griggs, administrator of the estate of Julian Cannes, deceased, two hundred and ninety-three dollars and seventy-tive cents, upon tiling with the Secretary of the Treasury a duly authenticated copy of his letters of administration of said estate. To S. M. Griswold, thirty-six dollars. To Nicholas Grubhs, eighty-five dollars. To Jane Green, ninety-tbur dollars and seventy-tlve cents. To I. W. George, three hundred and twenty-three dollars and sixty- seven cents. To David C. Hall, thirty-nine dollars and ninety-Eve cents. To Hinton Hall. seven dollars. To YVilliam B. Hamlin, six hundred and forty dollars. To Henry Harrison, four hundred and seventy-five dollars. To Harriet Hart, one hundred and twenty-one dollars and twenty cents. To Charles Hedrick, one hundred and sixty-eight dollars. To William Herron, two hundred and sixty dollars. To Elias Hickman, one hundred and five dollars. ' To Isaac Hines, three hundred and twenty-seven dollars and fifty Cents. To William Hixon, one thousand dollars. To Mary J. Harrison, two hundred and forty-five dollars and seventy- ilvc cents. To James M Higginbothom, one hundred and torty-three dollars and ninety cents. To James P. Holland, sixty-five dollars. To Manoah Horton, three hundred and sixty-four dollars. To Thomas l I. Holloway, executor of James L. Green, deceased, twenty- eight dollars and nineteen cents. To James Hudson, two hundred and thirty-three dollars. To Patrick Halpin, ninety-nine dollars and seventy-tive cents. To Martha Hilliard, administratrix of the estate of Alexander Hilliard, deceased, three hundred dollars. To Joseph C. Hodges, eighteen dollars and sixty cents. To Mary E. Holder, one hundred dollars. To John H. Hood, one hundred dollars. To Emeline Hope, administratrix of the estate of John B. Hope, deceased, ninety-tour dollars and twenty cents. To Virginia L. Hord, executrix of the last will and testament of Coleman F. Hord, deceased, one hundred and eight dollars. To Richard Howerton, twenty-tive dollars. To Mary Hurst, seventy-seven dollars. To Ann Hunter, five hundred and ninety-nine dollars and fifty cents. 5 To John K. Harvey, one hundred and twenty-eight dollars and seventy- ve cents.