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524 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 77. 1878. _MiSS<>¤¤i. ¤¤¤- Richardson Ritter, Douglas, County, seventy-tive dollars. _

  • ‘““"d· Mary A. Robinson, administratrix of the estate of A. B. Robinson, deceased, late of Saint Clair County, thirty dollars.

Jesse J. Ruark, Douglas County, seventytive dollars. Joshua E. Stephens, Cooper County, two hundred and seventy-tivo dollars. Bedford S. Walker, Morgan County, two hundred and ten dollars. Indiana; Williani A. Blair, Delaware County, one hundred and ten dollars. Alabama; OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA. Nat Brown, Limestone County, one hundred dollars. Illinois; OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. John Campbell, Hamilton County, one hundred and ten dollars. Kansas; OF THE STATE OF KANSAS. John F. Gaither, Bourbon County, seven hundred and thirty-two dollars and fifty cents. Milton S. Mclntyre, Linn County, one hundred dollars and forty-two cents. _ John Purcell. Jefferson County, one hundred and five dollars. Pennsylvania; OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. Harry W. Uews, administrator of the estate of James A. Hews, senior, deceased, late of Philadelphia County, twenty-one dollars and forty-one cents. H. Ruby, R. J. Lawton, C. B. Ruby, and Henry R. Ruby, partners under the iirm of H. Ruby and Company, Cumberland County, three hundred and eighty-two dollars and eightytive cents. Elizabeth Stewart, Fayette County, five hundred and thirtythree dollars and fortylive cents. l Digtrict of Co- OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. um ia; Richard Lay, `Washington,. two hundred and ninety-seven dollars and fifty cents. Mississippi; OF THE STATE OF IIISSISSIPPI. Daniel W. McKenzie, Benton County, (formerly of Fayette County, Tennessee), one thousand two hundred and twenty-tive dollars. Virginia.; OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. Michael H. Miller, Amherst County (formerly of \Vashingt0n County,. Maryland), eighty-one dollars and twelve cents. 1814,e1i. 286, Sec. 2. No claim shall hereafter be allowed by the accounting-otiicers, I? $¤**~» 'iiiif U under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved June sixteenth, ik_Q_;;;; ,3*,) tg bi eighteen hundred and seventy—l`onr, or by the Court of Claims, or by ,u,,,,,,,i_ Congress, to any person, where such claimant, or those under whom he claims, shall willfully, knowingly, and with intent to defraud the United States, have claimed more than wasjustly due in respect of such claim, or presented any false evidence to Congress, or to any department or court, in support thereof. Approved, April 30, 1878.