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FOBTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 243. 1878. 561 To Lewis M. Haun, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars. Tennessee, een- Te James M. Haynes, two thousand one hundred and forty dollars. *i¤¤°d· To David Hickey, three hundred and sixty-one dollars. To Sarah E. Hightower, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To Washington Hixson, six hundred and twenty-seven dollars. To Jesse Hobbs, one hundred dollars. To Logan S. Hodge, four hundred and forty-two dollars. To Noah Hoover, one hundred dollars. To David Horn, eighty-five dollars. To William A. Howell, administrater of Jesse Howell, deceased, two hundred and eighty dollars. To Jolm W. Hullitt, eighty-five dollars. To Anthony Humes, one hundred dollars. To Daniel R. Hurst, two hundred dollars. To Joseph Keebler, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Ann J. Kelley, one thousand two hundred and eighty-six dollars. To Alexander Kennedy, senior, one thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents. To Ira Kinningham, six hundred dollars. To Benjamin F. Knight, administrator of Matilda Knight, deceased, for the use and benefit of William J. Knight, four hundred and eighty- three dollars. To John Lamon, fifty dollars. To Martin Langston, five hundred and sixty-six dollars and fifty cents. To Ebzan Love, one thousand two hundred and sixty-five dollars. To James G. Luttrell, one hundred and eighty dollars. To John McAllister, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To John S. McCroskey, three hundred and one dollars. To America J. McDonald, James E. McDonald, Mary Ann McDonald, William C. McDonald, and Nancy K. Wallace, heirs of Edward McDon- ' ald, deceased, three hundred dollars. To Leah McDonald, one hundred and forty-six dollars. To the widow and heirs of Hugh McElhaney, deceased, one hundred and six dollars. To Wiley Mabry, thirty dollars. To James Maples, guardian, and Lydia Vanhooser, one hundred and sixty-five dollars. To Patrick M. Martin, one hundred dollars. To Adam Miller, twenty-nine dollars. To Jesse Millsaps, one hundred and eighteen dollars. To James E. Mink, one hundred and fifty dollars. To David Mitchell, nine hundred and fifty-three dollars. To Riley P. Moranville, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Nathan Morelock, one hundred and eighty-six dollars. To Williani A. Moser, administrater of Richard Haworth, deceased, nine hundred and eight dollars. To David Nelson, two hundred and twenty-seven dollars and ilfty cents. To Squire Newman, two hundred and tlfty dollars. To Sarah E. Udell, three hundred dollars. To Anthony Patton, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To Elizabeth T. Pillow, four hundred and sixty-four dollars and eighty cents; to Mary Porter, Augusta, Robert, Annie, Ella, and Carrie Pillow, one thousand three hundred and ninety-four dollars and forty cents. To Barbara lll. Pritchard, three hundred and forty dollars and tlfty cents. To John Reeser, executor of Isaac J. Reeser, deceased, seven hundred and nineteen dollars. To YVilliam F. Reeser, three hundred and ninety-three dollars. To H. Jefferson Renfro, six hundred and twenty-three dollars. To John Robnett, six hundred and twenty-tive dollars. xx-—'$6