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562 FOB.TY·FIF'I‘H CONGRESS. Sess. II. GH. 243. 1878. _ Tennessee, een- To Joseph L. Robins, two hundred and sixty-tive dollars.

  • '““°d· To Thomas M. Robinson, three hundred and seventy dollars.

To Titus Robinson, sixty dollars. To Dangerlield Rodes, [ive hundred dollars. To Albert Scott, one hundred and sixty-one dollars. To Mary O. Sevier, Eve hundred and torty-five dollars. To Jane Shanks, executrix of Henry Shanks, deceased, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Graham B. Sharp, four hundred and seventy-two dollars and forty cents. To Andrew Shell, three hundred and twenty dollars. To Alexander A. Sherertz, one hundred dollars. _ To Sarah Shipley, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Churchwell B. Smallwood, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Wade H. Smith, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To William J. Stevenson, one hundred and thirty dollars To Andrew H. and D. P. Swan, lour hundred and ten dollars. To Edward D. Swann. five hundred and tour dollars. To Mary Thompson, sixty-seven dollars. To Charlotte Tittsworth, five hundred dollars. To Albert A. \Vaugh, four hundred and seventy-nine dollars. To Jacob Weisgerber, littysix dollars. To William R. Webb, one hundred and thirty five dollars. To Henry A. Welch, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Robert B. Winslow, three hundred dollais. To James M. Whitten, eight hundred and seventy-tive dollars. To George G. Woodrutl', seventy-tive dollars. To Edmund Word, two hundred and sixtyfive dollars. · Texas: OF THE STATE OF TEXAS. To Amos L. Merrimon, two hundred dollars. To Louisa Stiernberg, one hundred dollars. Virginia: OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. To Jane L. Allen, ninety dollars. To James Anderson, four hundred and forty dollars. To John Anderson, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Maria Bailey, administratrix of Lewis Bailey, deceasetll for herself, four hundred and eight dollars and thirty-three cents, and Elizabeth, Harvey, Theodore, William, Ray, Horace, George, and Henry Bailey, six hundred and fifty-three dollars and forty-two cent . To Maria. Bailey, administratrix of Lewis Bailey, deceased. for herself, four hundred and two dollars and sixteen cents, and Elizabeth, Harvey, Theodore, William, Ray, Horace, George and Henry Bailey, six hundred and forty-three dollars and lorty-eight cents. To John H. Baker, one hundred and seventythree dollars and seventy-five cents. To Samuel Ball, one hundred and seventy-five dollars. To Samuel Ball, executor of Horatio Ball deceased, two hundred and ninety-eight dollars and ninety cents. To Levi Beckelhimer, one hundred dollars. To E. C. Bittinger, two hundred and twenty dollars. To John H. Blunt, eight hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To Lewis T. Blunt, eight hundred and eighty-four dollars. To Abner Bond, one thousand four hundred and forty-tive dollars. To Isaac Bowman, five hundred and fifteen dollars. To John W. Bowman, Eve hundred and iourteen dollars. To James Boyles, administrator of James Boyles senior, four hundred and fortyfive dollars. To Thomas Branham, one hundred and nt'ty·ilve dollars. To William H. Brisby, even hundred and ninety-three dollars.