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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 243. 1878. 563 To R. F. Broadwater, administrator of Joseph Harris, deceased, four Virzi¤i=~. wntinhundred and ninety-five dollars. Wd- To P. 1]. Brockwell, administrater of Reuben Sherman, deceased, three hundred and eighty-eight dollars. To Thomas A. Brooks, ninety-seven dollars. To Lyman Broughton, administrater of Wait Broughton, deceased, two thousand eight hundred dollars. To Elisan Brown, one hundred and twenty dollars. To John Brown, two hundred and eight dollars. To Joseph Brown, two hundred and flve dollars. To Robert S. Brown, one hundred and sixty-six dollars. To Jacob Brunk, twenty-eight dollars. To Emily C. Bryant, administratrix of William Bryant, deceased, two thousand one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To Jesse Butler, three hundred dollars. To Luke Carter, thirty-three dollars. To Lilian B. Chisholm, heir of Clevars S. Chisholm, deceased, ninety- three dollars and thirty-three cents. To Margaret A. Clore, two hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Ambrose Cock, junior, two hundred and sixty-three dollars. To John H. Cockrell, Willie J. Cockrell, and John A. Baker, guardian of children of James T. and Cornelia Clark, and to Ann M. Wunder, eight hundred and fifteen dollars. To Frances Coleman, two hundred and seventy-eight dollars. To Henry Colson, one thousand seven hundred and fifty-tive dollars. To Lucie M. Colvin, two hundred and iilty-dollars. To Joseph Conard, nine hundred and ninety-two dollars and forty- nine cents. To James F. Corum, two hundred and fourteen dollars and twenty cents. To Caswell Cosby, seventy dollars. To Mildred S. Covell, six hundred and fifty-eight dollars and fifty cents. To Minor A. Crippen, ninety-eight dollars. To George W. Daniel, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Robert H. Dogan, ninety dollars. To Henry Escridge, one hundred and twenty-four dollars and sixty- six cents. To Esther J. Ferguson, five hundred and fifty dollars and eighty cents. To James H. Foster, two hundred and seventy dollars. To William Frazer, forty-tive dollars. To Jason Frost, trustee for Lavinia M. Payne, nine hundred and fifty- two dollars. To John Gillan, two hundred and ninety dollars. To Caleb Goldsby, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Robert A. Gray, one thousand six hundred and seventy dollars. To Emily Jane Grayson, widow of John Grayson, deceased, sixty-six dollars. To James W. Green and George Morton, executors of John C. Green, deceased, for the use and benefit of Lucy W. Green, Elizabeth B. Green, and Lillian C. Green, minor heirs of said deceased, nine hundred and fifteen dollars. To Lucy Green, one hundred and five dollars. To Margaret Gregg, two hundred and forty dollars. To Aaron H. Griiiith, balance of award made in report of December, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, forty-nine dollars and ilfty cent . To Judith Haas, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To John Haisli p, two hundred and twenty-eight dollars. To John Haley, one hundred dollars. To Spencer Hall, two hundred and sixty dollars. To Wesley Hall, one hundred and ninety-nine dollars.