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Forvrr-rmrn oorronnss. snss. rn. cn. 287. 1879. 631 To J. B. Poison, nine dollars and sixty cents. Claims auowed To J. B. Polson, thirteen dollars and eighty cents. by °°°°'m*m8 9*** To Joseph Parker, one hundred and twenty-five dollars °°" t° pm°"“"` To John Purcell, two hundred and twenty dollars. tinI$;‘:,_m°kY> °°“' To John Pursell, one hundred and forty-nine dollars. To John Pond, eighty dollars. To Nathaniel Polsgrove, administrator of J aeob Polsgrove, deceased, one hundred and forty dollars. To Joseph Rains, ninety dollars. To William Roberts Sestate of), one hundred and seventy-one dollars. To Azariah Rice, one undred and twenty-ve dollars. To James T. Robinson, one hundred and fifty dollars. To W. T. Smedley, one hundred and twenty dollars. To William M. Smith, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Francis A. Smith, one thousand and seventy-eight dollars and seventy-five cents To William L. Shanks, four hundred dollars. To William Shadowen, two hundred and fifty-eight dollars and eighty cents To Charles I. Sechrest, one hundred and fifty dollars. To J. H. Sagerser, administrator of J efferson Sagerser, deceased, two hundred and sixty-two dollars and fifty cents. To A. R. Scott, six hundred and ten dollars. To Cynthia Simrall, executrix, and James V. Harbison, executor, of James Simrall, deceased, two hundred and twenty dollars. To W. N. Smith, eighty-tive dollars. To Mary J. Sewell, nine hundred dollars. To William R. Smith, one hundred doHars. To A. J. Singleton, two hundred dollars and nfty cents. To James Stone, one hundred and three dollars. To Isabell Shouse, one hundred and fifteen dollars. To T. T. Settle, administrator of Miller Woodson, deceased, four hundred dollars. To F. M. Thomas, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To John R. Tabb, administrator of Joel B. Tabb, deceased, three hundred and sixty dollars. To James M. Titherington, administrator of R. W. Titherington, deceased, four hundred dollars. To A. D. Tiuner, thirty dollars and sixty-six cents. To J. H. Wood, two hundred and forty-five dollars. To Washington G. Wright, one hundred and sixty-eight dollars and seventy five cents. To B. L. Wintersmith, one hundred and fifty dollars. To James Walsh, seven hundred and eighty dollars. _ To Minerva Wilkerson, administratrix of S. S. Wilkerson, deceased, two hundred and sixtytwo dollars and fifty cents. To John Q. Ward executor of Marcus L. Broadwell, deceased, one hundred and fifty dollars. To W. B. Wyatt, two hundred dollars. To John B. Wantland, one hundred and ilfqr dollars. To George Wright, one hundred and eight dollars. To George W. Williams, two hundred and sixty-two dollars. OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND Maryland. To Martin Adams, administrator of Urias Fasnaeht, deceased, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To Joshua Ahalt, six dollars. To A. E. Anderson, sixty dollars. To J. C. Ankeney, one hundred and sixty-seven dollars and sixtyfive cents.