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642 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 287. 1879. Claims allowed To Rebecca. J. Wardlow, nfty dollars. by °°°°““*“‘g 9m' To Andrew \Vallace, one hundred and forty seven dollars. °°’§lji‘;P;$§;‘;1_‘ To Charles H. \Veaver, two hundred and ninety five d011am · To David Wilson ninety dollars. To Hugh Wright; one hundred and five dollars.- To estate of James Wright, fifty dollars. To James White, eighty dollars. To Joseph Waterman, forty dollars. To Hiram Wilcox, senior, thirty five dollars. To John H. White, one hundred dollars. Pennsylvania. THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. To Andrew H. Be itler, three hundred and twenty six dollars and forty seven cents. To Abraham Brien, fifteen dollars. To Lewis A Bushman, six hundred and twelve dollars and seventy three cents. To John Black, one hundred and thirty eight dollars. To Henry Culp four hundred and seventy five doHars. To Edward Collins, one hundred and thirty seven dollars. To Henry B Cromer, two hundred and fifty five dollars. To Henry Culp, administrator of Peter Railensperger, deceased, seventy seven dollars and seventeen cents. To Henry Culp, executor of Leonard Bricker, deceased, two hundred and twenty six dollars and fifty cents. To Peter Conover, one hundred and seventy five dollars and eighty cents. To William Cownover, six hundred and fifty three dollars and ninety eight cents. To Eliza Fetterhail`, fifty three dollars and eighty nine cents. To John Group, nineteen dollars and twenty five cents. To Catharine Gwynn, ninety six dollars. To David \V Horner, thirty five dollars. To Newton M Horner, thirty eight dollars and twenty cents. To Andrew Howard, one hundred and twenty eight dollars. To John. F. Haner fifty dollars. To Nathaniel Li ghtner, thirty three dollars. To Lydia Loyster, twenty four dollars and nfty cents. To Abner Mills sixty dollars. H To Samuel B. Miller, four hundred and thirty nine dollars and ninety ve cents. To Samuel R McAllister, administrator of James McAllister, deceased, three hundred and five dollars and ninety live cents. I To Samluel S. McNair (estate of), one thousand and seventy nine dollars an t irty seven cents. To John Martin, eighty four dollars. To Sarah Neely, one hundred and twenty five dollars. To Peter Orendor€,_ twenty three dollars and twenty five cents. To ohn P. Rose ty dollars. To John Rudisill; thirty-five dollars and fifty cents. To Nicholas Smith, fifty-nine dollars and thirty-two cents. To Lydia and John B. Shaifer, administrators of Daniel Shader, deceased, three hundred and ninety-one dollars and fiftyseven cents. To Charles Shaner, one hundred and fifty-five dollars and eighty-five cents. To Aaron Sheely, four hundred and eighty-six dollars and seventy- two cents. To Jacob Swisher, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Jar&esh,€,Flrompsion,ttw({> hundred and eighty dollars and hfty cents. o . . ater iry dollars. To George Weigert, one hundred and sixty-six dollars.