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654 ronrrrirrn oonennss. suse. 111. on. 288. ism. U Cluipns a110W9d To Cornelius B1u·ns, one hundred and twenty-eight dollars. lu °l“‘m° °°mP““‘ To Joseph Byers, two hundred dollars. mn °P°1i°°°°m"` To N. J. Booz, administrator of Joseph Campbell, deceased, for the ,,£,g§rg1°’ °°°` use and benefit of heirs of John Campbell, the heirs of Peggy Ann Orr, ` and the heirs of Josiah Campbell, six hundred and thirty dollars. To George W. Cash, six hundred and eighty-one dollars and twenty- five cents. To Benjamin Conley, administrator of Morris J. Conley, deceased, for himself and Mary Conley, five thousand two hundred and eighty-eight dollars. To George H. Cook, Eve hundred and eighty-four dollars and twenty- five cents. To Richard Daniel, four hundred and twenty-seven dollars and twenty cents. To John L. Davis, ninety-nine dolllars and ten cents. To Reuben Davis one hundred dollars. To Sydney Defooi, guardian for heir of John Thompson, deceased, one hundred dollars. To Laurent De Give, administrator of Peter Huge, deceased, for the use and benent of Mary Huge, widow of Peter Hugo, deceased, two hundred and ten dollars. To James C. Dixon, two hundred and twenty-seven dollars. To John J. Dodd, four hundred and seventy dollars. To Benjamin Dowdy, one hundred and ten dollars. To Jacob Dryer, one hundred and fifty-two dollars. To Joseph A. Dunbar, one hundred and forty-four dollars. To James Eason, nine hundred and fifty-six dollars. To Lazarus Flemming, sixty-seven dollars. To Martha Ann Formby, executrix of Obadiah Formby, deceased, for herself, three hundred and seventy-one dollars and fifty cents. To Indiana P. Fowler, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Joel A. Fowler, eight hundred and twenty-eight dollars. To Joel Frix four hundred and fifty ollars. To Haruyey Gremreyqlone hirlndrgdcanéi li-ifty dollars. To Wi 'am . i reat two un dollars. To Mack Golding, two hundred and twenty dollars. To Benjamin Guyton, one hundred dollars. To Nathaniel F. Guyton, four hundred and seventy dollars. To Thomas M. Harris, three hundred and seventy-five dollars. To Bennett Hawkins one hundred and eighty dollars. To John Hefner, three hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Robert A. Hemphill, administrator of David Hemphill, deceased, for the use and benefit of Margaret E. Wright and Cynthia Hemphill sole heirs of David Hemphill, deceased, one hundred and sixty-five dollars. To William Hemphill, one hundred and sixty-three dollars. ‘ To James M. Henry, one hundred and eight dollars. · To Martin J. Hinton, eight hundred and sixty dollars. To Amy Hitchins (now Holley), administratrix of William J. Dyer, deceased, for herself and thrgle cphildren, Alexander S, John Thomas, and William P. Dyer two hun e and ten dollars. To Charles M. ,Holder, ive hundred and forty dollars. To Elisha Horn seven hundred and ninety-seven dollars. To Harris Hutchins, three hundred and ninety-eight dollars. To Samgeljlagvis, one hundreil and fifty dollars. To Sam o e erson seventy ollars. T10 Pelnney Jet, widtw of William Jet, one hundred and eight dollars an eig ry cents. Tp Arm Johnson, widow of Isaac Johnson, three hundred and eighty- eig t dollars. _ To Catharine Johnson, one hundred and sixty-three dollars. To James S. Jones, three hundred and seventy—1ive dollars. To Linda and Caesar Jones, one hundred and seven dollars.