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romrriirrn oonennss. sms. III. ou. 288. 1879. 655 To Thomas W. Jordan, three hundred dollars. Claims allowed To Cato Keating, one hundred and ninety-eight dollars. RY mums °°m{¤iS· To Philip Keith, one hundred and fifty dollars. S‘°“ “’P°{S°“S 1*** To John Keykendall, eight hundred and forty-one dollars. t. G°3*g‘”*· °°“‘ To Cynthia C. King, fifty dollars. mm ' To Scipio King, seventy dollars. To James M. Lamar, one hundred and eighty dollars. To Elizabeth Landers, widow of Matthew Landers, fifty dollars. To Paul Le Conte, forty-seven dollars. To Richard Le Conte, eighty-two dollars. To William Le Conte, one hundred dollars. To Edmund Lumpkin, one hundred and seventy-seven dollars and seventy-five cents. To Thornton M. McClung, two hundred and forty dollars. To Wilham S. McComb, two hundred Rl1d fifry dollars. To George McConnell, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Mary McDonald, one hundred and fourteen dollars. To James McGee, one thousand three hundred and eighty dollars. To Samuel Maxwell, forty dollars. To Major Middleton, three hundred and four dollars. To Robert S. Montgomery, two hundred and ninety-three dollars. To David Moses, three hundred and five dollars. To George W. Phillips, eighty-one dollars. To Margaret Ponder, widow of John Ponder, sixty-one dollars. To Joseph M. Presley, one hundred and twenty-nve dollars. To John M. Rainwater, four hundred and forty-two dollars. To Lacy D. Rainwater, two hundred and forty-six dollars and twenty- five cents. To William M. Rivers, six hundred and nineteen dollars. To James Robbs, five hundred and forty-three dollars. To Eliza Robertson, one hundred and thirtysix dollars. To Mary Jane Rowan, widow of George `W. Rowan, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Hugh J. Rutherford, four hundred and sixteen dollars and eighty cents. To George Sherley, two hundred and fifteen dollars. To Wesley Shropshire, four thousand one hundred and seventy-nve dollars. To Alfred Shugart, five hundred and sixty-five dollars. To Fannie A. Stewart, widow of Henry Stewart; and Elizabeth J. Hays, George W., James C., and William H. Stewart, seven hundred and fifty dollars and fifty-six cents. To Henry Stevens, three hundred and sixty dollars. To Samuel N. Stewart, two hundred and eighty-seven dollars. To Moses Taylor, one thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. To Andrew B. Thacker, one hundred and fifty dollars. To William Thames, two hundred and ninety-nine dollars. To Freeland YV. Thornton, five hundred and eighty-eight dollars. To Isabel Towns, widow of Edmund J. Towns, two hundred and thirty· two dollars. To Eliza Tucker, administratrix of Nelson Tucker, deceased, for herself, two hundred and fourteen dollars, and to Alfred, Elizabeth, Lydia, Nelson, Patrick, and Thomas Tucker, each, fifty-three dollars and fifty cents. To Hiram Tweedell, one hundred and fifty-one dollars and ten cents. To YVilliam Wallrawten, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Martha C. Wahaven, two hundred and eight dollars. To Thomas Whitfield, four hundred and eighty-one dollars. To Lewis Wiggins, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Augustus lVilliams, sixty-five dollars. To Eliza \Villiams, three hundred and sixty dollars. To Thomas A Williams, six hundred and sixty-eight dollars.