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658 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. [H. Ch. 288. 1879. Claims allowed To Peter D. Watkins, one hundred dollars. by °1‘“m“ "°m¥“‘S‘ To Benjamin F. West, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. S“;;(;:£°;S;;;1;;; To Margaret Williams, one hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty · ’ cents. mmm0d` To David Wittenberg, one hundred dollars. To Samuel D. Yokely, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. South Carolina. OF THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA. To Jacob Allmon, two hundred and ninetynve dollars. To Alfred Andrews, nve hundred and nineteen dollars. To Hugh L. Belk, eight hundred and sixty dollars. To Margaret Bennett, one hundred and seventy-ve dollars. To Charles Brant, four hundred and seventy dollars. To Eli W. Bowers, two hundred and seventeen dollars and seventy- five cents. To John Cochran, one hundred and thirty-three dollars. To Thomas Cochran, one hundred and ninety-nine dollars. To Emeline Condon, daughter of Argan Condon, five hundred dollars. To William Cook, ninety-three dollars and eighty cents. To Andrew Guarvin, one hundred and twenty dollars. To John P. Herndon, two hundred and thirty dollars. To Eliza L., Sarah C., and Josepha N. F. Mixon, two hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Mary Orr, one hundred and sixty~five dollars. To Harry Quick, one hundred and forty-four dollars and fifty cents. To Philip Reid, one hundred and ten dollars. To David Russell, two hundred and fifty-tive dollars. To William Russell, four hundred and ninety-one dollars. " To Georgia A. C. Simmons, six hundred and fifty dollars. To Charlotte A. Smith (now Grant), two hundred and ninety dollars. To Mary P. Trowell (now McAvoy), one hundred and Sixty-six dollars. To Charles I. Williamson, one hundred and fifty-seven dollars. Tennessee. OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE. To John M. Andrews, four hundred and twenty-three dollars. To Jesse Bailey, two hundred and sixty dollars. To James Baker, one hundred and eightyfive dollars. To Noah Bales, one hundred and sixty dollars. To Flora A. C. Bearden, one thousand eight hundred dollars. To William S. Bivens, one hundred and thirteen dollars. To Susan Boren, one hundred and Sixty dollars. To William Brassell, fifty dollars. To Anna B. Bright and Fannie P. and Mary L. Bramlett, two thousand nve hundred and fifty-three dollars and ninety-four cents. To Elizabeth Brown, two hundred dollars. To M. Burnett, administrator of Hopkins L. Houk, deceased, four hundre and sixty dollars. To William B. Butler, three hundred and eighty-three dollars. To Martin Butt, four hundred and eighty dollars. To James Byerley, six hundred and forty-eight dollars. To Robert Cannon, six hundred and seventy-tive dollars. I T3 Sophia Carden, administratrix of D. L. Ladd, deceased, one hun- 1 re an our dollars. To Alfred Carney, four hundred and twenty dollars. To James M. Carpenter, seven hundred and fifty-one dollars. To Henry N. Carter, one hundred and fifty dollars. To J. R. Castle, administrator of William W. Heninger, deceased, one hundred and twenty-nve dollars. To John W. Cauthon, administrator of John B. Cauthon, deceased, four hundred dollars.