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Fonrr-rrrrn oonennss. sESS.1n. ou. 288. 1879. 659 T0 Rodham Chesnutt, six hundred and seven dollars. Claims allowed To Jacob L. Claman, two hundred and nity dollars. HY cmims °°m!¤i¤· To Merril Council, one hundred and thirty dollars. ‘“°“ t°P°"*°"“‘“` To Mary E. Cowgill (now Donnelly), one thousand and ninety-eight t,;fQf,”°“”°°¤ °°“' dollars. ' To David Cozart, seventy dollars. To Martha Cuthbertson, widow of David Cuthbertson, four hundred and forty-five dollars. To Elizabeth J. Dabbs, seven hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To John Davis, senior, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Isaac A. Duncan, executor of John H. Duncan, deceased, six hundred and ninety dollars and fifty cents. To Susan Eastridge, administratrix of Ephraim Eastridge, deceased, one hundred and thirty-three dollars. To John N. Ellis, two hundred and nfty dollars. To William R. Ellis, two hundred and nfty-seven dollars and nfty cents. To James Everheart and Hugh K: Chesnutt, administrators of David Kirkpatrick, deceased, for the use and benefit of children of said deceased, one thousand and thirty dollars. To Moses M. Faught, one thousand two hundred dollars. To John G. Fields, four hundred and eighty dollars. To William F Fowler, sixty dollars. To Josiah Gamble, four hundred and eightynve dollars. To Isaac Gammon one hundred and fifty-four dollars. To Charles N. Gibbs, executor of George W. Gibbs, deceased, for the grandchilahen of said deceased, except George A. and Washington D. Gibbs, two hundred and ninety-one dollars and twenty cents. To James Gill, two hundred and thirty-five dollars. To Wilson Goin, one hundred and forty-five dollars. To Edward Goins, one hundred dollars. To John W. Goucher, four hundred and ninety-seven dollars. To George L. Gray, one thousand one hundred and thirty dollars. To Newton Gray, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Jolm F. Greer, two hundred and twenty dollars. To Westley Hamilton, thirty dollars. To John Harmon, five hundred and twenty-two dollars. To John Hatcher, one hundred and ninety-six dollars. To John D. Headrick, seven hundred dollars. To Wil1ia»m and Salina Headrick, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Bazzel Hedgcoth, one hundred and lifteen dollars. To Thomas Henderson, one hundred and twenty dollars. To John C. Hinch, one hundred and sixty-five dollars. To Harris B. Hoover, one hundred dollars. To James Howell, two hundred and seventy-eight dollars. To George Huifaker, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Pleasant A. Huiiar, four hundred and fifty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Amos James, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To William M. Jeter, one hundred and twentyfive dollars. To Demcy Johnson, three hundred and tlltyseven dollars. To John A. Johnson, six hundred and fifty-two dollars. To Thomas Johnson, two hundred and sixteen dollars. To Anna Jones, two hundred dollars. - To Edward Jones, one hundred and sixty-one dollars. To George W. Jones, one thousand dollars. To Henderson T. Jones one hundred and ten dollars. To George Julian, five hundred and seventy-nve dollars. To George R. Kemp, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Sarah C. King, ninetyhve dollars. To James Kirk, forty dollars. To J ohn W. Laws, ninetynve dollars.