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Fo1rrY-1¢1rr11 oonennss. sms. III. cH. 288. 1870. 661 To Williain H. Snodgrass, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. Claims allowed To Frederick A. Starkey, four hundred and thirty-fivc dollars. by mums °°'“¥’“¤‘ ’1`o Collier A. Steed, four hundred and thirty-two dollars and fifty S'(:I?c;’¤I;§;°S;?); cents. , ’ ` To Sarah A. Stephenson, four hundred and seventy-tive dollars. t m10d` To Catharine T. Story, one hundred and twentyfrive dollars. To Thomas Stroud, one hundred and seventy-eight dollars. To Terrell Sweat, three hundred and fifty-six dollars. To James Talent, five hundred 2l·Il(l five dollars. To Caswell C. Taylor, three hundred and twenty dollars. To Evan L. Teague, one hundred and eighteen dollars. To Benjamin F Test, one hundred and ninety-six dollars. To Shadrach Thomas, one hundred and fifteen dollars. To James A. Thompson, one hundred dollars. To John J. A. Thompson, seventy-nine dollars and sixty cents. To Calvin Y. Thurman, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Brackin Tinsley one hundred dollars. To Thomas J. lVakefield, four hundred and twenty dollars. To Charles Walker, forty-five dollars and fifty cents. To Sarah M. Walker sixty dollars. To Samuel Wallace, jiunior, ninety-nine dollars. To L. L. Walters five hundred dollars. To Samuel B. \Vatkins, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one dollars. To Felix G. NVayland, two hundred and forty-seven dollars. To Henry Webb, two hundred and fifty-eight dollars. To \Valter O. \Vest, executor of Samuel A. West, deceased, two hundred dollars. To Mrs Thomas C. Wliite, three hundred and eighteen dollars. To Jacob Widiier, one hundred and four dollars. To Powell \V. Williams, seven hundred and thirty-three dollars. To Peter Wolfenlwarger, thirty-seven dollars. To \Villiam H. NVood, six hundred and seventy dollars. To Williani H. \Vood, two thousand and seventy-nine dollars. To Alleey Yates, two hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents. OF THE STATE OF TEXAS. Texas. To James G. Browne, tour thousand one hundred and eighty dollars. To Ann O., Sam. M., and Sidney Johnson, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six dollars. To Margaret Menly, one thousand one hundred and nfteen dollars. OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. Virginia. To Elias Adkins, two hundred and seventy dollars. _ _ To Spotswell, William, Nemo, Robert, James, and Aurelius Adkins, and Rebecca A. Ritson, four hundred and ten dollars. To Susan E. Ager, five hundred and eightyeiglit dollars. To NVillia1n Alexander, three hundred and sixty-nine dollars. To William Anderson, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Elias Andrews, three hundred and sixty dollars. To \Villiam L. Ashton, one hundred and forty dollars. To George Baker two hundred dollars. To éimuel Ball, twenty dollars. To Amos Beans, two hundred a11d fifty dollars. To Rebecca Blackwell, three hundred and forty-two dollars and fifty cents. To Terrill Bradby, administrator of Archie Miles, deceased, one hundred and torty-nine dollars. To Albert Brown, eighty dollars.