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convnnrion-cnnnna. Junn s AND 23, 1875. 675 on the other hand, said account, after verification and acknowledgment as aforesaid, shows a balance in favor of the Postal Department of the United States. then the Postal Department of the Dominion of Canada will, upon receipt of the certitied copy of the same, transmit to that of the United States a bill of exchange t'or the amount thereof on New York. The United States Postal Department will then send in return an acknowledgment of receipt. If, pending the settlement ot'an account, one of the two Postal Depart- Payments pendments shall ascertain that it owes the other a balance exceeding five mg ¤¤m€*¤¤¤tS· thousand dollars, the indebted administration shall promptly remit the approximate amount of such balance to the credit of the other. The expenses attending the remittance of bills of exchange shall invariably be borne by the Postal Department having to make the pay ment. This account and the letters which accompany such intermediate rc- F<>rm¤· mittances shall be in accordance with the terms A, B, and C, hereto annexed. Anricnn VIII. Until the two Postal Departments shall consent to an alteration, it is Value of dollaragreed that, in all matters relative to money-orders which shall result from the execution of the present convention, the Canadian dollar shall be considered equivalent to one dollar of the gold coin of the United States, and the exchange-offices in the United States shall certify all orders upon the basis of gold. Arvricnn IX. The value, in gold coin, of deposits made in the United States in Asosrtnining paper money, for payment to beneficiaries in the Dominion of Canada, *******6 of U“**°d and the value, in United States paper money, of deposits made in the Smeg °°"°’"°y‘ ])ominion of Canada in gold coin, or currency of par value, for payment in the United States, shall be determined according to the rate of premium on gold in New York, N. Y., in the following manner, viz: The postmaster at New York shall, at three o’clock p. m. of each day, except Sunday, telegraph to each of the ahovenamed exchange-offices in the United States the rate of premium on gold at that hour, which rate shall, when received by such exchange-ofnce, be taken as the basis of conversion of money-values for the next and for all subsequent orders and advices dispatched and received, until the receipt of the next telegram from the postmaster at New York. Ancricnn X. A duplicate order shall only be issued by the Postal Department of Duplicates. the country on which the original order was drawn, and in conformity with the regulations established or to be established in that country. Antrxcnn XI. A money-order returned, on application by a dispatching exchange- Returning nroffice, to the inland issuing postmaster, as “ not certified for payment/’ d°"· may be repaid by said postmaster to the remitter, in the same manner as a domestic order. Anrrorn XII. An order which shall not have been paid within twelve calendar Unpaid orders. months after the month of its issue shall become void, and the sum received therefor shall accrue to and remain at the disposal of the country of origin, and the advice shall be returned, by the inland postmaster holding the same, to his Postal Department, to be by it returned to the Postal Department of the country in which it originated. The Postal Department of the Dominion of Canada shall, therefore, enter, to the