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382 FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 129. 1881. ‘ ENTOMOLOGIGAL DIVISION. Bntomologist. For compensation of entomologist, two thousand dollars; one assistant entomologist, onelthousand two hundred dollars; in all, three thousand two hundred dollars. STATISTICAL DIVISION. Statistician. For compensation of one statistician, two thousand dollars; one clerk of class four, one thousand eight hundred dollars; two clerks of class three, three thousand two hundred dollars; ope plerk of class two, one thousand four hundred dollars· two clerks o c ass one two thousand four hundred dollars; in all, ten, thousand eight hundred] dollars. GARDEN AND GROUNDS. ifsupcgintendent For compensation of superintendent of garden and grounds, two thou- ° 8*** 6*1- sand dollars. MICECSCOPICAL DIVISION. Micmsccpist. For compensation of microscopist, one thousand eight hundred dollars. Laboratory. LABORATORY. Chemicals and apparatus for the use of the chemist and microscopist, Hindi for necessary expenses in conducting experiments, six thousand o ars. Museum. MUSEUM. ` For compensation of two attendants in museum, at a salary of one thousand dollars each, two thousand dollars. SEED DIVISION. Supcrintendeni _ For compensation of superintendent of seed division, one thousand 0f 8690 d¤Vl¤¤0¤· eight hundred dollars; one superintendent of fiower-seed room, Hille hundred dollars · in all, two thousand seven hundred dollars. Statement of cx- And it is herehy enacted that, in addition to the proper vouchers and 1>¤§;1¤¤¤¤¤ te C<>¤- accounts for the sums herein appropriated to the accounting officers of gr ‘ gh§tTreasnury,tt1he Oommissiionler of Aggiculture shall present a detailed t · emen 0 e manner o the expen iture of the amounts here y ap- _ propriated, to accompany his estimates to be presented at the next reg- Pmvuo. ular session of Congress: _Provided, That no part of these sums shall be paid to any person receiving at the same time other compensation as an officer or employee of the government. AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS. S¤¤ti¤¢i¤¤- For collecting agricultural statistics and compiling and writing mafter for monthly, annual, and special reports, ten thousand dollars: Provtdcd, That no part of this sum shall be paid to any person receiving at glxi;;2rn€>t1me other compensauon as an officer or employee of the g0V· PURCHASE AND DISTRIBUTION or SEEDS, AND so FORTH. 3f;§;h;g?,» fFor the purchase and propagation and distribution, as required by MW; @,,,0,, 0,- swab, o_ seeds, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants, and expenses of put pimps, and ent- t111g up the same, eighty thousand dollars. An equal proportion of 0H9‘ tmgs. halt of all seeds, plants, and cuttings shall, upon their request, be supplied to Senators, ltepresentatives, and Delegates in Congress for distriution among their constituents, or shall, by their direction, be sent to