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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. SESs. HI. C11. 130. 1881. 389 dred and twenty dollars each; ten laborers, during the session, at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars each per annum; two laborers at six hundred dollars each; one laborer at eight hundred and forty dollars; eight laborers in charge of cleaning the Hall of the House, known as " cloak-room mcn," at fifty dollars per month during the session; and for one female attendant in ladies’ retiring-room, six hundred dollars. For Postmaster two thousand five hundred dollars; first assistant _ Postmaster, aspostmaster, two thousand dollars; eight messengers, at one thousand “"““·“*» °*°- two hundred dollars each; four messengers, during the session at eight lliupdred dollars each ; and one laborer, at seven hundred and twenty o ars. For Chaplain of the House, nine hundred dollars. Chaplain. For the person preparing the general index to the journals of Congress Index to jour- y under resolution of June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- Dm °f C°¤€’°¤¤· eight, two thousand five hundred dollars. For the journal clerk, for preparing Digest of the Rules, one thousand Journal clerk for dollars. rgeplangzl D¤s¤¤¢ For one employee under Doorkeeper, by resolution of the House of ° ° " °°' November sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, one thousand three hundred and fourteen dollars. , Fon. EE1>omJEBs on THE HOUSE. For reporters: For two stenographers for committees, five thousand Olilcial reporters dollars each; and this shall bein lieu of all other compensation for such *° °°'”“"**’°°°· services in reporting and transcribing the proceedings of each and all of said committees. For five olflcial reporters of the proceedings and debates of the House, 0Hi¤ia1rep<»=·¤er¤ at five thousand dollars each, twenty-Eve thousand dollars. °f ‘l°b°·*°°· F 01* contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, namely: poggntingent cx- OS. For thirty-two clerks to committees, at six dollars each per day during PM di9¤¤ 91*>¤k¤ the session, forty thousand seven hundred and four dollars. *° °°“"'““""* For materials for folding, sixteen thousand dollars. fcllgxrrial- *`·> F For labor in folding books, speeches, and pamphlets the following _ g _ employees are hereby authorized to be appointed by the Doorkeeper, f &P¤Pl*>>’·*°¤ m namely: One foreman, one thousand five hundred dollars; one mcssen· ° ‘ ‘“g"“"""‘ ger, one thousand two hundred dollars; one folder in the sealing-room, one thousand two hundred dollars; one page, five hundred dollars; one laborer, four hundred dollars; ten folders at nine hundred dollars each; five folders at eight hundred and forty dollars each; and fifteen folders at seven hundred and twenty dollars each ; in all, twentveight thousand eight hundred dollars. _ For fuel and oil for the heating apparatus, seven thousand dollars. Fuel, eu, etc. · For hire of horses and mail-wagons for carrying the mails, five thou- Horses and man- Sand dollars. "**8°¤¤· For furniture, and repairs of the same, ten thousand dollars.mF£;i;iture and For packing-boxes, two thousand seven hundred dollars. lmckrng-boxes. For cartage, six hundred dollars. _ _ For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select committees, Mreemianeene. fifty thousand dollars.. _ _ For services in cleaning Statuary Hall and watching statuary therem, Statuary nan, seven hundred and twenty dollars. _ °"° °£ For postage-stamps for the officers of the House of Representatives, Postage-stamps. namely: For the Sergeant-at-Arms, three hundred dollars · the Clerk, one hundred and fifty dollars; and the Postmaster, one hundred dollars. For newspapers and stationery for members of the House of Repro- Newspapers and sentatives, officers of the House, and committees of the House,_mcluding etatrenery. six thousand dollars for stationery for the use of the committees and omcers of the House, forty-three thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.