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F()RTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 132. 1881. 415 the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter stated, namely: COURT OF CLAIMS. To pay judgments of the United States Court of Claims, four hundred Judgments in and nfty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: C°***"’ °*` 01*******- Provided, That no judgment shall be paid until the right of appeal has Promo. expired: Provided, That this appropriation shall be applied only to the Promo payment of judgments of the Court of Claims, unappealed, or to judgments entered in accordance with mandates from the Supreme Court where such mandates have been issued prior to the passage of this act. EXECUTIVE OFFICE. For compensation of a telegraph operatorin the office of the President Executive Office. of the United States from March fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty- C°***I*°**¤****°** one, to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, at one thousand }’,'f1‘f§,',‘;§hP‘;l;;’fQ§‘,;’;{ four hundred dollars per annum, four hundred and fifty-eight dollars and of United gt,,,i,,,,_ eighty-nine cents. For contingent expenses of the Executive Office, including stationery Contingent oxtherefor, two thousand dollars. i><>**¤¢¤- STATE DEPABTMENT. nlggtv Depart- To enable the Secretary of State to meet the expenses of the Inter- 1*%*0********}* M national Sanitary Congress, under House resolution_ of May fourteenth, S”‘;_‘I‘"£`iC‘;£g‘°::‘ eighteen hundred and eighty, five thousand dollars. 1g8d_y ’ _ To pay R. C. Morgan, disbursing clerk of the State Department, for _ R-C·M<>fsM¤»¤¤· lithographing and for books and maps procured and paid for by him, ‘““’"“°"’°“"· also for postage paid for by him for that department during the years eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, eighteen hundred and seventy- nine, and eighteen hundred and eighty, two hundred and twenty-five dollars and thirtyfve cents. _ _ To pay John Jay, late envoy extraordinary and minister plenipoten· b {0**** ·l=;¥· *”¤·****· Mary to Austria, for an amount expended by him for telegrams on public “"°"‘°” ‘ business, two hundred and twenty dollars and forty-six cents. FOREIGN rnrmnoooizsin For payment of amounts found due by the accounting officers on ac- £:’;*,f·Q*f¥‘{}*;if;i{ count of contingent expenses of United States consulates, namely: §t,,_wS’ g0,,Su],,,{cS_ For the year eighteen hundred and eighty, twentyfve thousand and twenty-two dollars and thirty cents. _ For the year eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, two_thousand one _ hundred and ninety dollars and twenty-three cents: Prmndcd, That this P"""“"’· and the two foregoing paragraphs do not effect the payment of money from the Treasury, being only required to reimburse the account for consular fees. To pay drafts on the Secretary of State by consular officers on account of contingent expenses -of consulates for eighteen hundred and eiighty, four thousand four hundred and eighty-nine dollars and forty- ve cents. . . . For printing and distributing the publications by the Department or ,,,§,*{;gQ§gI$,j*,j§gQj; State of the consular and other commercial reports, mcluding circular tions_ letters to chambers of commerce, six thousand seven hundred and thirteen dollars. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Legislative Cx_ r¤¤=¤rr<>¤r·¤¤- .*’i°“‘.i,,.°?..‘Z.°‘Q.."f.i’.§1”.t°` For the legislative expenses of the Territory of Montana, six thou- M°**m**“· sand and forty-tive dollars.