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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 106. 1881. 615 - VIRGINIA. Davis Sealock, Fauquier County, three hundred and fiftymine dollars. Olzimmits. INDIANA. C. R. Faulkner, Ripley County, one hundred and thirty dollars. George W. Jenkins, Clark County, two hundred and ninety dollars. Louis Snell, Du Bois County, one hundred and eighty dollars. Louis Willey, Decatur County, one hundred and twenty dollars. KENTUCKY. James Anderson, Metcalfe County, eight dollars. R. W. Askew, Logan County, one hundred dollars. d Killian Allgaier, Jefferson County, one hundred and eighty-nine 0 ars. Richard N. Beauchamp, Simpson County, two thousand two hundred and forty-five dollars. Charles Browning, Marion County, one hundred and twenty dollars and twenty-five cents. Ben Burch, Warren County, sixty dollars. C. K. Boston, Pendleton County, ninety dollars. . Richard Hamilton, as executor of Nathaniel Bat el, deceased, Nelson County, eighty-eight dollars and seventy-five cents. G. W. Hines, administrator of Thomas J. Barnett, deceased, Warren County, ilfty-three dollars and forty-six cents. Henry S. Branaman, Rockcastle County, twenty-eight dollars. James Bennett, Madison County, two hundred and twenty dollars. Belle Beatty, administratrix of Adam D. Beatty, Grayson County, one hundred and twenty dollars. Peter M. Bryant, Adair County, one hundred and sixteen dollars. H. C. Bowman, Bullitt County, one hundred and forty-four dollars. . William Cook, Warren County, one hundred and seventeen dollars. James D. Carter, Hart County, two hundred and fifteen dollars. Albert Covington, Warren County one thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars. Archibald Cary, Cumberland County, fourteen dollars. d Samuel W. Cecil, Morgan County, three hundred and seventy-one o ars. Lucinda Castle, formerly Preston, Johnson County, sixty dollars. Samuel Carder senior, Monroe County, one hundred dollars. William C. Collins, Cumberland County, one hundred and ten dollars. J. H. Collins, Allen County, twenty-four dollars. Iielson Durham, Harlan County, twenty-three dollars and sixty-three cen s. Joseph A. Davis, administrator of James Davis, deceased, Pulaski County, three hundred and fifty-four dollars. ‘ Gatewood B. Dunn, Fayette County, one thousand four hundred and one dollars. _ Nancy Duif, widow, and agent of the heirs of Charles E. Davis, Wolf County, seventy-five dollars. _ John Dick, administrator of Sarah ·Dick, deceased, Pulaski County, fifty dollars. ‘ Gardner H. Dier, Morgan County, one hundred dollars. - 1 Milly J. Drury, Muhlenburgh County, one hundred and twenty dollars. Joseph H. Drain, Grayson County, one hundred dollars. _ John Dills, junior, Pike County, one thousand five hundred and eighty- seven dollars and fifty cents. Jacob Danner, Jefferson County, one hundred and forty-one dollars and twelve cents.