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[<‘()RTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 106. 1881. 6]}) John W. Bennett, Christian County, one hundred dollars. Claimsuta. Joseph Brewer, Oregon County, one hundred dollars. Elijah Browning, Lawrence County, four hundred and thirty dollars. Thomas Condron, Jackson County, twenty-four dollars. William Crismon, Pulaski County, one hundred and one dollars and twenty-tive cents. John C. Dunkel, Lawrence County, fifteen dollars. Henry Ellin g, Lafayette County, one hundred and twenty-four dollars. John Entrekin, Pettis County, thirty-six dollars. John H. Good, Webster County, one hundred and forty-five dollars. d Einis L. Hobson, Johnson County, nine hundred and seventy-five. 0 ars. I Henry Haselmeyer, Saline County, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. ~C. B. L. Rowland, administrator de bonis non of William Harrison, deceased Wayne County, two hundred and thirty-tive dollars. G. W. Hooper, Laclede County, one hundred and ten dollars. William King, Calloway County, two hundred and five dollars. William Long, Jackson County, one hundred and fifty dollars. David McCoy, Lewis County, one hundred and eightynine dollars. Lurinda Milam, Cooper County, two hundred dollars. ‘ Fleming W. Matherly, Laclede County, fifty-two dollars and ninety- four cents. ` James Mann, Reynolds County, two hundred and thirty-two dollars. F. D. Mers, Cass County, forty-five dollars. John W. Moore, Lawrence County, one hundred and eighteen dollars. Edward Newberry, Iron County, one hundred and nfty dollars. J. C. Nunally, Osage County, one hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents. John J. Pulis, Knox County, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. Preston Proek, Wright County, one hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. V G. R. Patterson, administrator of William Patterson, deceased, Wayne County, three hundred dollars. Milton Moore, administrator of Robert Roberts, Jackson County, six hundred dollars. William C. Roark, McDonald County, two hundred dollars. Alvin Ringo, Audrain County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Ira M. Raney, Iron County, four hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. John Robertson, Moniteau County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Isaac T. Ralston, Macon County, one hundred and sixty dollars. Martin Smith, Daviess County, one hundred and ten dollars. George C. Sfiftler, Daviess County, one hundred dollars. John R. Strawhorn, Phelps County, sixty-three dollars. John Paul Stegner, Cooper County, one hundred and one dollars. Nancy Jane Taylor, Stoddard County, Sixty dollars. Thomas J. Whitlock, Greene County, fifty-four dollars and seventy cents. John Smith, administration of John Williams, deceased, Newton County, one hundred and nity dollars. _ James M. Williams, Lawrence County, two hundred and forty-six dollars and twenty-four dollars. John l. Warren, Greene County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. H. P. Yeary, Crawford County, eight dollars. MARYLAND. Daniel Ahalt, Frederick County, ufty dollars and seventy cents. Margaret A. R. Barnsley, executrix of William B. Barnsley, deceased, Montgomery County, one hundred and ninety dollars and fifty cents. J. T. Buxton, administrator of William Buxton, deceased, Montgomery County, one hundred and twenty dollars.