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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 106. 1881. Mrs. C. C. Gaunt, widow of George Gaunt, Lincoln County, sixty. Claimspts. seven dollars.‘ R, J . Hays, administrator of David Gill deceased, Madison County eight hundred and ninety-two dollars and fifty cents. , Huston Goodrich, Davidson County, one hundred dollars. ‘ Gabriel and Emile George, copartners and heirs-at-law of James George, deceased, J elferson County, twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. Elizabeth W. Gleaves, Davidson County, two hundred dollars. J. L. Dillahunty, administrator of J. L. Greer deceased, Davidson County, seven hundred and fifty-two dollars and fifty cents. 1 George W. Graham, Bledsoe County, one hundred and eighty dollars. Robert C. Gilkey, Carroll County, twenty dollars. James B. Moore, administrator of Jane B.Grisha1n, deceased, Ruthertbrd County, iorty-one dollars and fifty cents. ` Asa Gross, Grundy County, iiity-four dollars and fifty cents. William McDaniel, administrator of Mary Jane Garnett, deceased, Williamson County seventy-five dollars. W. P. Gardner, Carroll County, twenty dollars and fifty cents. Thomas P. Gibson, Obion County, one hundred and eighty dollars. Reuben Gibson, Hamilton County, thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. I Benajah Gray, Davidson County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. M. M. Corbett, administrator of James T. Gass, Jefferson County, one hundred and forty-three dollars. Joseph H. Greer, McMinn County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Reuben A. Graves, executor of Rice Graves, deceased, Wilson County, two hundred and fifty dollars. ‘ Estate of Samuel Givens, Stewart County, one hundred dollars. I Thomas G. Hester, Lincoln County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. James Sevier, executor of Samuel BZ Harwell, deceased, Roane County, thirty-four dollars. — Mary Hodsden, Sevier County, one hundred and eighty-two dollars. Adam Houk, Sevier County, forty dollars. Robert Henderson Sevier County, two hundred dollars. J. H. and J. E. Hiancock, executors of William Hancock, deceased, Wilson County, one thousand one hundred and forty-nine dollars. Mary A. Harlow, administratrix of A. M. Harlow, deceased, Giles County, two hundred and sixty dollars. _ I George A. Hawkins, Obion County, six hundred and eighty-Eve dollars. Richard W. Hays, Williamson County, one hundred and ten dolLM‘8- Sylvanus Herman, Sumner County, five hundred and seventy dollars and hfty cents. John B. Hill, D nvidson County, two hundred and twenty—llve dollars. Mary Hodsden, Sevier County, fifty-one dollars and eighty-seven cents. J. M. Hogan, Stewart County, one hundred and ten dollars. S. S. Preston, administrator of Drury Hall, deceased, Rutherford County, three hundred and seventy-Eve dollars. Stephen Hays, Giles County, four hundred dollars. _ Martha M. Hanserd, Giles County, two hundred and ninety dollars. Samuel T. Hutchison, Davidson County, sixty dollars. P. W. Harris, executor of W. T. Harris, Wilson County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. _ Abraham Howard, Coffee County, three hundred and thirty-four do1· lars and thirty-seven cents. Mrs. M. E. Haynes, administratrix de bonis non of F. G. Haynes, Sumner County, one thousand three hundred and sixty dollars. 1 Francis M. Harrison, Madison County, one hundred and twenty dollars. .