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648 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 176, 177 , 178. 1881. G. P. Moffitt, three hundred and thirty-eight dollars. Andrew W. Martin, thirty-two dollars and forty cents. G. W. McDaniel one hundred dollars. Thursay A. Nebbit, thirty dollars. J. Purser, fifty-seven dollars. _ _ Harden Patterson, one hundred and eighty-eight dollars and seventy five cents. Lucinda Plumly, five hundred and seventy dollars. Watson Riggs, ninety-seven dollars and eighty cents. William Reader, twenty-four dollars. Samuel Ramsey, four hundred and twenty-three dollars. G. W. Ramsey, ten dollars. James R. Shelton, one hundred and fifty dollars. Thomas Stegall, thirty-two dollars. W. R. Stegall, eighty-five dollars. A. Stone, two hundred and ninety-two dollars. Malinda Stipes, eighty-nine dollars and nfty cents. J. M. Smallman, two hundred and twenty-five dollars. Moses Sparkman, two hundred and forty dollars. W. O. Smith, sixty-eight dollars. Henry Thomas, two hundred and seventy-two dollars and forty cents. B. C. Thomas, two hundred and eighty dollars. Nathan Wheeler, two hundred and nfty dollars. Edward B. Wheeler, three hundred and fifty-four dollars and sixty- six cents. Henry E. Ward, seventy-hve dollars. Matilda Young, one hundred and forty-one dollars and twenty cents. Le Roy T. Fustan, one hundred and sixty-one dollars and ten cents. Dial Brown, fifteen dollars. Rachael Hennessee, one hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. The said several sums so awarded being in full for quartermaster and commissary stores taken and used by the United States Army from the said persons respectively; and the receipt of the same shall be taken and accepted in such case as a full and nnal discharge of the several claims so examined and allowed by the said military board. Approved, March 3, 1881. March 3, 1881. CHAP. 1'I'7.—An act for the relief of David W. Bell. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United David W- BSU. States of America in Congress assembled, That the pro,per·a.ccounting offi- ""°‘l‘“ '“ "·“°"“““· cer of the Post-Oiiice Department is hereby authorized and directed to credit David W. Bell, postmaster at Uxford, Michigan, with the sum of three hundred and sixty-three dollars and sixty-eight cents in his account as postmaster as aforesaid with said department; said sum being the amount of postal money and postage-stamps stolen from said pestoffice on the night of the twenty third of March, eighteen hundred and eighty. Approved, March 3, 1881. _ March 3, 1881. _ CHAP. 1'I8.—A.u act for the relief of Thomas Snell Preamble. Whereas, the circuit court for the southern district of Illinois did at the January term, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, render judgment against said Snell for the sum of ten thousand dollars, in favor of the United States, on a bond dated May eighteenth, eighteenhundred and sixty three, on which bond said Snell was surety for Captain S. H. Lunt. as quartermaster; and Whereas the judge of said court, and the district attorney, have since certified that it is extremely probable that there was no defalcatiou on said bond; and .